Sharing my Husband with a Stranger He Brought Home -

Ginger Bangs 7-9 minutes 10/14/2022
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It took a little bit of getting used to but then it was kind of fun!

So, a girl’s got to stay active and do her best to keep in shape, am I right?

This afternoon I had the house to myself, or so I thought, and I decided that it was a fine time to get out my heaviest flesh-toned silicon dildo and give myself a good aerobic workout.

Yes sir it’s the truth, I said to myself — Abby, you definitely need to get fucked, and who better to fuck with than yourself?

I like a flesh-toned sex toy. It just feels hotter if it looks like the real thing. I know some girls who prefer some of the wilder colors, and that’s fine for them, but I’d just as soon not fantasize about sucking on Frankenstein’s fat green dick or banging a goddamn red Venusian He-Devil.

I’m just an old-school purist, I guess.

First I sucked on that great big flesh-colored dildo, getting it good and wet, while I warmed up my cunt with a little left-hand frigging action. Then I worked that pseudo-cock into my cunt, a bit at a time until I had the whole ten inches of silicon super-lover eased into my pussy.

It didn’t take all that long before I was pounding that dildo deep into my pussy. I was working my way towards a fine, satisfying orgasm when I heard a chuckle, looked up and saw my husband Simon standing there at the bedroom door, with a can of beer in one hand and his cock in the other.

All right, so he was supposed to be at work today, but as horny as I was feeling I wasn’t going to bother questioning his surprise appearance.

“Is that big old artificial dick just the warm-up act?” Simon asked. “Or are you jilting me for a cyber-lover?

I didn’t waste a minute in repartee.

“I took the afternoon off work,” he explained. “I thought I’d bring us home a little treat.”

I got up off the mattress, strode on over to my husband, catching hold of his dick like it was some kind of a fat pink leash as I led him back to our bedside and gently pushed him onto the bed.

Faster than you could say suck I had my mouth down around that big eight-inch cock of his, maybe not as long as my trusty dildo, but a whole lot cuddlier.

I started licking my husband’s cock, working my way up from his balls right on up to that big fat mushroom-headed magic wand.

After a few long loving licks, I bore down hard and I gave that man some serious deep throat, working my lips around that great big cock, up and down again and again. This is the part I loved the best, feeling a dick stiffening in my mouth, knowing that I was in for an afternoon of fucking fun.

That’s when I noticed that this afternoon we had some unexpected company.

There was a long, tall redheaded woman standing at the bedroom doorway, looking oddly expectant.

“That’s not all that much of a blowjob,” she said. “I bet you I can suck his cock a whole lot better than you can.”

I raised my head up, gave her a hard fuck-you kind of look, and then I turned and stared equally hard at my husband.

“Simon,” I said. “You’ve got some explaining to do.”

He grinned and shrugged.

“You remember me saying to you that I’d brought home a little treat for us?” he asked. “This is Nora, she’s our little treat. I thought that maybe the two of us could share her.”

Well, I was game for a little company in bed, but a girl hates to be surprised like that.

Do you know what I mean?

But I did my best to try to rise to the occasion. I mean, Simon and I had often talked about bringing home “guests” for a bedroom party, but I’d always thought that he’d warn me before bringing a stranger home with him — especially a strange woman.

“So you’re Nora, are you?” I said, fumbling for my misplaced dignity, which was a little hard to maintain while I was also maintaining a firm, commanding grip upon my husband’s stiffened cock. “Well, welcome to the party, I guess.”

And then I bent down and got back to the business at hand, namely, sucking my husband’s big hard cock.

“It’s my turn now,” Nora said.

Then all at once, this Nora pushed me aside and lowered her cunt down onto Simon’s long hard dick, riding him like he was her favorite pony in the stall.

Well, I’ll tell you, a part of me wanted to kick that bitch’s ass and escort her to the doorway, but another part of me was getting hot just watching her ride my husband. It was kind of like a three-dimensional virtual porn show, starring the three of us.

So I reached over and started sucking on her perky little tits, putting my mouth down onto her nipples and sucking them loudly.

I wouldn’t say that I had never sucked on another woman’s tits before now, but I definitely had never done it while my husband was banging her pussy.

Then I reached my left hand down and began to play with her rather prominently swelling clitoris, and she began to make those “I’m cumming” noises that a worked-up woman will make just before she reaches orgasm.

Only I wasn’t ready to let her go off just yet.

I got up on my knees and wiggled my haunch forward and lowered my wet, dripping hairy cunt down onto Nora’s hungry mouth.

She wasn’t shy about eating cunt, I’ll tell you that.

She was a little haphazard, lashing her tongue all across my crotch without much in the way of accuracy, but I wasn’t going to complain. I just kept rocking my hips side-to-side, working and wiping my cunt across her open mouth. If we hadn’t been on the mattress I might have been tempted to pee into her mouth, but I settled for letting my cunt juices drip down upon her lips and down her throat.

Then we switched places and it was my turn to let Simon fuck me while Nora lowered her cunt over my face, leaning forward to lavishly kiss Simon’s face.

I wished I’d thought of that maneuver, but at least I knew that I was doing a much better job of eating out her ass and her cunt. I’ve got a good long and pointy tongue and I worked it right up into her asshole and cunt lips, until she was moaning in utter ecstasy. I felt her pussy juice dripping down my cheeks and I worked my tongue deep into her tight little rosebud of an asshole while Simon got busy fucking her ass.

It might sound a little complicated but Simon and I were pretty good at setting a rhythm. He’d fuck her ass for a while and I’d eat her cunt and then he’d change up and start fucking her pussy, and I’d turn to lick her asshole.

I made sure to take a few generous swipes at Simon’s cock whenever it wasn’t buried in Nora’s cunt or ass.

“Oh,” Nora moaned. “You are so goddamn good at eating my pussy. You must have had an awful lot of practice.”

Was that bitch still trying to ride me?

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” I said with a wet giggle. “And mind your tongue or I’ll slap you.”

And then I slapped her ass, and she seemed to enjoy that bit of lightweight punishment so I made a point to slap her butt cheeks a little bit harder.

What the hell, I knew that I enjoyed spanking her lightly.

Then we swapped positions again and Simon fucked my ass just as hard as he could manage, while I tongued out Nora’s dripping wet cunt until she squirted her love juice down my chin.

“Oh my god,” Nora called out. “Oh my god, yes, yes, yes!”

And then it was my turn to pray while Simon shot out his come up into my asshole and I had a sort of a drum roll of orgasms, one after another and then the three of us sprawled upon the mattress, draped over each other like a family of tired kittens.

Or should I say, tired pussies?