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Kristin 3-4 minutes 4/9/2018
Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

She came all over him. Loudly.

If, maybe she hadn’t been so loud? Not because he cared who heard. He’d been careful, as always, to make sure that they had gone to her place. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing. He’d been around the block a few times. He had a good game plan and it usually worked. Occasionally, on a bad night, he had to settle, but not tonight. He’d hooked a stunner.

He couldn’t remember her story. Truth be told, he never really listened. He just let them talk. They liked it. Made it seem like he was interested in them as a person. Just all part of the process. And it worked. Got him laid, plenty.

I guess you could call him a man whore, but he just liked to think of it as skillful. He got lots of women and he made sure they were satisfied. It was a source of pride for him. He had only met one that he had not been able to please. So he kept her around for a little while, determined to figure her out. But he never did.

This one tonight had been easy. She was raring to go, like she had something to prove as well. Recent break up? Impending divorce? Damn if he could remember, or care less about. She was ready to fuck and that is all that mattered.

Until she came, and like a lightning bolt, something shot right through him. It was like nothing he had ever felt before. He felt used. The player got played. It became glaringly apparent moments later as she slid off of his hard cock and reached for a glass of water, which she did not even offer to share. With a look that said “Why are you still here?” she tossed back the sheet and pulled on her tank and thong.

He did what he could to make it seem like he was ready to go, but he swore he heard her giggle softly as he was trying to maneuver a still half hard cock into his jeans. He couldn’t be mad. He had underestimated his opponent. He was man enough to admit that she had won.

But it was more than that

As he was being shown the door, he felt empty inside. This was all new to him. He used to embrace the shallowness of casual sex. It kept him safe. But not tonight. He felt stripped down, exposed, and lonely.

Thoughts entered his head of how nice it might be to relax into another person. To know that they would smile back at you and lightly touch your skin as you lay there in the nakedness. Kiss not just your lips, but your neck, cheek, forehead and eyebrow. To have sex that forged a connection and continued to get better every time.

He shook his head at himself. What was happening to him? Those thoughts were a joke. But the more he tried to intimidate them into leaving, the stronger they got. And so he stopped trying. Eventually he just let the feelings wash all over him. At the same time he was surprised to realize how long he had been holding them back. He had been lying to himself for awhile. But that all changed tonight.

He could hear it loud and clear.

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