My Adventurous Holiday -

Ariel Bruhl 13-16 minutes 2/24/2023
photo: SexArt

He fucked me so hard and deep I was soon shaking with pleasure, Jeanie cradling my head against her tits, her hot breath in my ear

I guess they thought I was asleep.

But when I ran my fingers across my warm, sun-creamed stomach and tweaked aside my bikini bottoms, Jeanie noticed and looked at me over the rims of her sunglasses.

Not that she stopped sucking Karl’s cock: his tanned, muscular body straining against the lounger, deep lines forming on his brow as he looked down at the top of his girlfriend’s head.

He had a beautiful cock too, I thought, as my middle fingers found the nub of my swollen clit.

It was a perfectly shaped rod of curving thickness, as brown as the rest of his body, with a broad, pink head. Jeanie had wrestled it free of his tight, red swimming trunks, and was now gently licking the shaft, tracing her tongue down to Karl’s balls. These she slurped and nuzzled as she jerked his length, and Karl offered small, yearning sighs.

No wonder I was so hot and bothered.

Of course, the bellinis had helped. On the last day of our vacation, we decided to push the boat out and had been tipsy by midday.

Jeanie and I had danced in our bikinis under the hot sun while Karl watched.

And it was obvious that our jiggling had excited him. He made no move to hide his semi-hard erection either when he got up to fetch himself another beer.

But was I really the sort of girl to share her best friend’s man?

Did I really have the courage to go through with it?

Well, Jeanie had always told me she and Karl had an open relationship.

They’d often indulged in threesomes too, she’d said, confiding how they’d picked up girls at bars and clubs.

And I don’t mind telling you, I’d fantasized about what it might be like to be one of them — joining in with my best friend.

I mean, why wouldn’t I? Jeanie was off-the-scale hot.

She had the type of body everyone seemed to lust after: tits ripe, ass curvaceous, legs long and shapely.

Her lips were the most kissable I’d ever seen too.

In contrast, I was pale and slender, with modest, firm tits, and a taut little butt.

I’d cut my hair short, and worried it might look too boyish.

But it hadn’t stopped Karl checking me out for most of the vacation.

I was just surprised they hadn’t made a move on me.

Maybe Jeanie was concerned our relationship would change. Or perhaps they were just being sensitive to the fact that I’d not long finished with Bryan — which was the reason I’d come away with them on my own.

But, as the day had unfolded, I could feel an electricity in the air that hadn’t been there before.

And when I saw the shadow of Karl’s cock swelling in those little trunks of his, I sensed the door to an opportunity was ajar.

Even so, they’d waited until they thought I’d passed out to start getting amorous.

Jeanie had always had a high sex drive — they probably just couldn’t wait.

Yet, when she noticed me teasing my bikini bottoms aside and searching out my clit, I saw the smile in Jeanie’s eyes, and my body tingled.

“Mmm… baby…” Jeanie said to Karl as she emerged from under his sack, “look who’s awake…”

Abruptly, I withdrew my fingers from my pussy, biting my bottom lip guiltily.

The truth was, while Jeanie might have been used to indulging in threesomes, I was a complete noob.

In fact, all of my past relationships had been rather dull and unadventurous.

That I was now fingering myself at all was largely due to the heat, a drink-fueled afternoon, and the fact that I was incredibly horny.

Still, when Karl turned his eyes on me, I felt the heat in my cheeks.

I couldn’t believe I had my pussy exposed.

And I couldn’t believe I did nothing to cover myself when discovered.

Instead, I pulled my bikini aside even more and crept my other hand up to my left breast where I knew my nipple was achingly stiff.

I wanted him to see me do it.

I was suddenly desperate for him to notice my desire.

Christ, what had I become?

Was I really such a little slut?

It certainly felt that way as I danced my fingers against my clit again, narrowing my eyes as I looked back at Karl, and plucking at my swollen nipple through the thin material of my bikini.

Damn, baby…” Jeanie said to her boyfriend, her hand still pumping on his cock. “Stacy really looks like she needs to get fucked good…”

I did. I really did. Especially after months of Bryan’s inefficient fumblings.

Even so, I was nervous, inhaling deeply.

And it took me a moment to find my voice, swallowing dryly, before saying: “W-would that be okay?”

I felt my stomach lurch.

It almost sounded like someone else had spoken the words.

But no — I’d asked the question and my heart was galloping now.

No going back.

And no desire to either, as Jeanie let go of her boyfriend’s cock and pushed to her feet.

Her ass and tits rocked gently as she crossed to where I was splayed, the bikini she was wearing barely covering those incredible assets.

Had I ever indulged in the notion of fucking Jeanie too?

Of course!

But I’d always been too much of a coward to act.

Not that Jeanie had ever pressured me.

Probably waiting for me to make the first move.

Which was why she now settled down onto her knees next to me.

My mouth was suddenly dry. I breathed her in. She smelt of sun cream and jasmine.

“Don’t worry,” Jeanie said with a smile. “It’s just a bit of fun…”

Then she leaned in and put her mouth on mine.

I moaned softly, closing my eyes, tasting the peaches on Jeanie’s lips, her tongue soon sliding between my teeth.

At the same time, I felt a warm hand searching my inner thigh, and I started at the touch.

I creaked against my lounger.

Jeanie murmured and kissed me more deeply as I became aware of her fingers creeping down my leg and to my pussy.

When she touched me in that intimate place, I arched my back.

Her middle finger was soon on my stiffened clit; others parting my labia.

Oh…” I sighed. I squeezed my eyes shut even harder. Then, Jeanie began to rub and tease, flicking at my prominent nub, her other hand finding my breast.

“Does that feel nice, honey?” she said softly.

I nodded, unable to speak.

She rubbed harder.

I offered a faint cry.

And when Jeanie tweaked my bikini top aside, our lips parted and she transferred her mouth to my nipple.

I cursed under my breath.

No wonder.

Jeanie was well practiced. In fact, she was amazing, as she sucked on my breast gently while her fingers massaged my clit with greater vigor. My stomach bunched. My butt clenched.

I was already racing toward my first orgasm.

And before I quite knew what was happening, I let out a throaty shout.


I dropped my head back and trembled. Suddenly I was aware that I was leaking onto the lounger, my pussy working as juices escaped.

And then I was swearing again as Jeanie continued to flash her fingers against me, bringing me quickly to the limit of my climax, knowing I was soaking Jeanie’s hand and the lounger, until I settled back, panting hard.

“Good girl…” Jeanie cooed as she released my nipple from her mouth. “I think you needed that, huh?”

I nodded, almost in a daze, dropping forward abruptly to search out Jeanie’s lips again, kissing her hard, this time with my hand groping for her breast.

She let me fondle her. I thumbed her nipple to greater stiffness, fluttering my tongue against hers, moaning with pleasure.

Until eventually she said, “Okay…Hon…Let’s not forget Karl…”

At which point, I opened my eyes and noticed that Karl had climbed to his feet and dropped his trunks.

My pulse quickened.

As Karl approached my lounger, he looked even bigger than before, his cock fully erect, his eyes locked on mine.

Wow…” I found myself saying as Jeanie sat on the lounger next to me.

“I know, right?” she giggled.

Karl came to stand before me. My innards were squirming.

Then I felt Jeanie’s warm hands on my back, fingers expertly unpicking the clasp for my bikini top, which fell away to expose both my tits, nipples like bullets.

“I think she’s excited, baby,” Jeanie said to Karl.

Karl nodded. “I can see.”

Jeanie’s hand crept up and to the back of my head, lacing her fingers through my hair.

“Now…” she said. “Let’s start with you tasting Karl’s cock, okay?”

I felt a surge of excitement.


Karl eased himself forward and I tentatively reached up to take his girth, my fingers barely able to encompass its thickness, its rigidity making my stomach flutter.

I opened my mouth — and Jeanie pushed me on the back of the head and onto him.

“Don’t be shy,” she breathed as she guided me onto Karl’s cock.

I hitched a breath. Jeanie pressed me more forcefully, and suddenly my lips engulfed Karl’s glans.

I tasted precum. I tasted sweat. I smelt Karl’s sunbaked body, and murmured my surprise as his cock stretched my mouth. My pussy quivered.

That’s my good girl,” Jeanie murmured as her fingers knotted in my hair. She leaned harder. I took Karl deeper. “Suck on my boyfriend’s big beautiful cock…”

My eyes narrowed as Jeanie impelled me to go further, cramming Karl into my throat until I was almost choking.

Karl let out a grunt of satisfaction.

He was fucking big. He was fucking hard.

Tears welled up into the corner of my eyes.

And for a second, Jeanie held me as I blew out spit along Karl’s length.

Only then did she let me pull back, heaving Karl out of my lips with a cascade of saliva, gasping and panting, although eager to take cock in my mouth again.

“That’s my nasty little slut,” Jeanie whispered as I began to suck on Karl with more confident, thirsty strokes.

I grabbed for his balls. I squeezed and played with them.

I slurped on his tip, and licked his glans.

I took him back deep again and sucked on him hard, until Jeanie crowded her mouth next to mine and Karl turned his attention to his girlfriend, pulling himself free from my lips, then jamming his dick between Jeanie’s.

We took our turns.

Between us, we fed on Karl’s rigidity with sighs and moans, pausing only so I could kiss Jeanie’s succulent mouth, letting her grope for my breasts at the same time.

It was a heady experience. And with the sun hot on our bodies, and the booze still swirling through our systems, time had little meaning.

I gave into the moment, though, clambering to my knees to pull Jeanie’s bikini top down and expose her magnificent, bronzed breasts.

I sucked on them. I slurped on that soft, pliant flesh, swinging slightly as Karl face-fucked his girlfriend.

I rubbed at Jeanie’s pussy through her bikini, thumbing her cleft, feeling the dampness, and then dropped my head to tug the bottoms aside to suck on her cunt.

It tasted wonderful: sweet and smelling powerfully of sex, perfectly pink and fleshy.

I licked at her clit.

I dipped my tongue inside her.

Jeanie moaned and shuddered.

And my concentration on giving her pleasure was such, that I only became aware of Karl behind me when he put a hand on my waist.

I cried out in surprise, looking over my shoulder.

Karl simply responded by dragging my bikini bottoms down and slapping his cock against my buttocks.

I flinched.

He swept his cock down through my labia and angled it against my opening.

I sighed.

Jeanie said, “Come on, baby, put that hard cock of yours deep inside her.”

Karl anchored his other hand on my waist.

Then he inched himself inside me and I cried out, Karl filling me with his first long, deep stroke.

“Jesus Christ…” I managed, puckering my eyes as he drilled me to the root.

“It’s okay, honey,” Jeanie assured me. “You get used to it, believe me.”

And Karl began to pump his hips, pressing his hands down on my body, making me cry out with each thrust.

Karl fucked me.

He fucked me so hard and deep I was soon shaking with pleasure, Jeanie cradling my head against her tits, her hot breath in my ear.

“That’s it, honey,” Jeanie whispered as I was buffeted from behind. “Cum on Karl’s big cock, there’s my good girl…”

Not that I had any choice. And as Karl smacked into me, I climaxed with a wail, my pussy contracting and leaking, as I sobbed with bliss.

Of course, it didn’t end there.

As Karl withdrew from my satisfied pussy, Jeanie had her turn: crawling onto Karl as he reclined on the sofa, lowering her pussy onto his straining dick while I straddled his face and he sucked my pussy.

Jeanie came noisily, not caring if she might be overheard by any of the adjacent villas.

But honestly, neither of us cared as we each fucked Karl and each other.

Savoring our bodies seemed more important than anything in the heat of the day.

We licked sweat off our skin, and our cream off Karl’s cock.

Until, finally, he was standing over us as we sprawled on the lounger together, naked and glistening, tongues entwined.

“You going to cum for us, baby?” Jeanie asked, as we writhed against each other, hands caressing and probing. “You going to give us your hot load?”

Karl pumped his dick and crouched closer.

I kissed Jeanie. She moaned and sighed.

Then I turned my face toward Karl, and he lowered his cock toward me, and I felt the first warm spurt of cum.

It was a voluminous torrent; a velvety expulsion that surged over my skin, nestling in the hollows of my face, and slithering down to my gasping mouth.

Karl jerked again and I swallowed thickly, before he strangled his length to stem the flow, then turned his cum-streaked glans toward Jeanie.

More jetted forth.

There was so much. The strong taste and smell of sex.

Jeanie was smothered from hair to lip: a trembling, gelatinous mask.

I gulped down what I could, then turned my lips to Jeanie’s.

And we kissed and shared and swallowed some more.

Before grasping for Karl’s cock to clean the rest.

Only then did we lay back together on the lounger, breathing in the smell of cum and sun cream and hot paving stones.

Sad that these were the last hours of our vacation, and our chance to explore each other so freely would come to an end.