The Lesbian Sex Party -

Drew Writes Erotica 13-17 minutes 3/9/2023
photo: SexArt

As I drop down to my hands and knees, the thought of being on display like a piece of meat is electric, and the wetness in my pussy instantly doubles.

“Maybe I’d better wear a butt plug and get my ass stretched out a bit. It’s going to take a pounding tonight,” I tell myself as I search through my toy box.

I pick out a black triple ripple butt plug, lube up the medium plug and insert it into my backside. I now need to find the right clothes to wear for tonight’s party. The first thing is the new panties; some standard-cut cotton briefs, white with cherries all over them, and red lace fringe. Next is a pair of lacy ankle socks, a white ruffle micro skirt, and a red halter top, cropped so high my tits are practically visible out the bottom. A pair of clear platform stripper shoes with high heels compliments the entire outfit. And the final touch, I put my blonde hair in pigtails, with bright red ribbons.

“Porn star,” I say as I check myself out in the mirror.

Checking the time, I hurry and get in my car, and head over to Jessica’s place. She lives in the same neighborhood, just a couple blocks over, so I arrive in just a couple of minutes. Pulling into the drive, I notice there are a couple of cars already there. Some I recognize, and that eases my tension a little, but the other cars, I wonder who they belong to.

I start to feel anxious as I walk up to the door.

“I wonder what they’re going to do? And who’s going to be here?”

I knock on the door and glance around, waiting for Jessica to open up.

“Hey, girl! Come on in!” Jessica greets me with a smile.

She steps aside, and with a sweep of her arm, invites me inside.

“Damn, girl, you look like an absolute slut,” she says, admiring me up and down. “We’re gonna have lots of fun with you!”

I smile shyly at the compliment and take a second to admire Jessica. She is wearing a short black cotton dress and black thigh-high boots. She’s bra-less tonight, her nipples showing and her massive jugs swaying freely.

“They’re back in the living room, having drinks,” she says, closing the door. “Let’s go get you ready.”

Jessica takes off towards her bedroom and I follow her down the hall.

“So are you excited?” Jessica asks, looking over her shoulder as we walk across the house. “I bet you’re nervous,” she adds with a smile.

“Very. And a little. Very excited and a little nervous. Who’s coming, anyway?”

“Well, you said you wanted five girls, so there’s me, Micaela, Lisa, Adriana, and Rachel.”

Hearing the names makes me relax a bit. Micaela and Lisa, I’ve already had sex with them many times. Adriana and Rachel I know are Jessica’s friends and she hits it off with them really well.

Once in the bedroom, Jess picks up a red marker off her nightstand and turns to face me.

“Take your skirt and underwear off,” she commands me.

“Okay,” I say, sliding my panties and skirt to the floor.

“Now turn around.”

I spin around and turn my back to her. She begins writing something with the marker on my lower back and I can make out the words “ANAL SLUT” and two arrows pointing at my asshole.

“Ok, the rules are simple. One, what you are allowed to do is cum as much as you want. You don’t have to ask permission. We want you to cum. A lot. And two, what you are not allowed to do is speak unless you’re spoken to. You can moan. You can say someone’s name. And of course, your safe word. But that’s it. No yesses, or pleases, or whatever. Unless you’re spoken to, you keep your mouth shut and take whatever we give you. Got it?” she informs me as she’s finishing up the drawing on my ass.


“Okay, you look ready. Put your skirt and panties back on. Downstairs, there’s a big crowd of people,” she says with a satisfied look. “Don’t freak out, okay? I’m in control.”

“Yeah, ok. Let’s go,” I respond, trying to calm myself down and relax.

Jessica takes off her dress but leaves her boots on.

“Okay, come on,” the now-naked Jessica says, leading the way to the party.

Entering the room, with my friend leading the way, I can see four naked girls sitting in chairs around a large, round ottoman. I grin inwardly, without displaying my thoughts.

“Ladies, the guest of honor,” Jessica says, leading me toward the ottoman in the center.

There are lots of cheers and catcalls coming from everyone attending the party.

“Take your shoes off,” she says, walking toward a coffee table with a huge assortment of sex toys.

I bend over, reach behind, and unstrap my shoes while Jessica comes back, carrying a ball gag. She stuffs the ball in my mouth, then fastens the straps behind my neck.

“Down on all fours,” she orders, pointing at the ottoman.

As I drop down to my hands and knees, the thought of being on display like a piece of meat is electric, and the wetness in my pussy instantly doubles.

“Ladies,” Jessica declares, “the lovely Molly. Tall, tan, slender, look at that body and how she’s dressed. She’s a naughty slut and she asked us to give her a gangbang. She wants the five of us to use and abuse her like a fuck doll.”

I blush.

“Stand up, Molly. Take off your skirt and your top. Leave the panties on,” Jessica says, fetching a black double dildo from the coffee table, while I stand up and comply, tossing my clothes next to my shoes.

Walking back to the table, Jessica grabs the hem of my panties and yanks them down to my knees, rubbing two fingers between my pussy lips.

“Dripping wet!” she affirms, spreading my cunt open.

She sticks two fingers inside my hole and jiggers them up and down vigorously, making sloshing sounds. Jessica picks up the dildo and works the tip in, sliding it in and out a few times before leaving it to hang and wag like a tail.

“And look at this butt plug,” Jessica exclaims as she yanks it out and holds it up for everyone to see, before sticking it back in my ass, working it in and out vigorously so that I can feel the ripples sliding in and out of my O-ring.

“That’s awesome, Molly,” Jessica says, leaning forward and kissing the ball gag in my mouth. “Now let’s fuck you silly!”

I turn around on my back and spread my legs while Jessica grabs a strap-on and invites the other women to do the same.

“Don’t be shy. Trust me, this girl can take a pounding,” she says.

Without any warning, Micaela is already licking my cunt while Lisa takes the ballgag out of my mouth and sits on my face and I immediately start licking her pussy and asshole. Micaela sticks a pillow under my ass to raise my holes to a better angle. Lisa holds my legs back while Micaela slurps on my pussy, getting as much of my pussy juices as she can. She spreads my lips and wiggles her tongue down deep inside my love tunnel, then sucks and nibbles on my clit. Lisa, meanwhile, is grinding her muff on my magic mouth, leaving a thick cum glaze on my face.

I can see Jessica returning to the action with her friend, Rachel, each wearing a strap-on with sizeable dildos.

“All right, girls. Time to share,” Jessica says while Micaela gets up from between my legs and Lisa climbs off of my face. She kisses me just before Jessica slides her fake cock into my warm pussy, and works it back and forth slowly a few times, allowing my cunt to get used to the size of it.

With my head hanging backward, over the edge of the ottoman, Rachel sticks her fake cock into my mouth and straight to the back of my throat. Watching it hit bottom, she holds it for a few seconds. A giant glob of my spit spills out of my mouth and covers my face as she yanks it out so I can catch my breath.

With one hand, Rachel holds my legs back for Jessica so she can pummel my cunt, balls deep, and with her other hand, she guides her dildo back into my mouth, going deep until I choke. Hearing the satisfying gagging noise, Rachel pulls the dildo out of my mouth.

“Good girl!” she says, slapping my face with the sloppy dildo a few times.

Slobber is all over my face and my make-up is officially ruined.

“Now, take a deep breath,” Rachel says and sticks the dildo back in my mouth, thoroughly humping my face, and giving me an honest face-fucking.

After a couple of minutes of throat stuffing, the two women let me catch a breather.

“Where next?” Rachel asks, looking at Jessica.

“The couch,” I hear Adriana shouting from behind them.

“Good idea!” Jessica replies as she pulls the huge plastic cock from my cunt and helps me up.

Sitting up, I sweep my hair back and swipe the excess spittle off my face. Jessica helps me walk over to the stairs, inserting the ball gag back in my mouth.

“Now give me your hands,” she commands.

I obediently hold my hands out and Jesica straps on the wrist cuffs, following suit with the ankles.

The couch is just below a stairwell leading up to the main floor. The railing along the edge is black metal. Once seated, they hold my arms up and tie them to the rails. Since Jessica knows I’m very limber, she spreads my legs fantastically wide and ties them to the rails. Who could resist a spread like that?

“How cute! She needs a tail now,” Lisa says while removing the rippled plug from my asshole and replacing it with a black pigtail butt plug.

Lisa then spreads my wet pussy, licking my slit up and down. She slurps on my clit and fucks my pleasure hole with her thumb then kisses and slurps every inch of it, sliding her tongue deep inside, scooping out my sweet juices.

“And now, piggy, I’m gonna fuck your pussy,” she declares, kneeling on the couch and inserting her big strap-on into my waiting cunt.

Pounding away at my pussy, my tits jiggle up and down and my pigtails twitch with every stroke. Streams of drool fall from my mouth and decorate the couch below. Suddenly, Lisa twists and pinches my erect nipples and I start squirting on her cock. One by one, the girls line up and successively run a pleasure train on me; as one girl is fucking my pussy, the next is fucking my face, making me clean my cum off their cocks. As time goes by, I am delirious with all the fucking; having no idea what will come next, or when it will end. Sore and beat, I am happily receiving what I asked for.

And when the girls are all done, they unchain my arms and legs, flipping me over upside down on the couch, into a piledriver. My head and shoulders are down on the seat cushions, and my ass and pussy are straight up in the air. They all take off their strap-ons so that I can lick their pussies. Besides, they concur, it’s time to give my pussy a little break… but not my ass.

Adriana makes her way to the table of toys and picks up a vibrator with a fat penis head on it. She returns to the action, pulls the black pigtail butt plug out of my ass, and starts working the vibrator in and out of my gaping butthole. With one steady push, she inserts it a few inches deep, turns the knob on high, then takes her turn riding and cumming on my face, just like all the other women did, before her.

My face is now covered in their pussy juices and knowing that I need a break, they help me up and walk me over to the ottoman so I can lie down for a minute. As I recuperate, Jessica and Lisa strap on their fake cocks again while Adriana climbs onto the ottoman and straddles me on all fours, her ass hovering just over my face.

Jessica moves in from behind and inserts her rubber cock into Adriana’s eager asshole and fucks away as I watch everything from below. Adriana rubs her clit and sticks three fingers in her cunt as Jessica fucks her ass properly. Jess takes the dildo out of Adriana’s ass and sticks it into my waiting mouth, below. I eagerly suck on the cock and work my tongue all around, tasting Adriana’s ass on the rubber cock before she slips the cock back into her ass again.

Once Adriana has had an assgasm, she and Jessica move aside, and Lisa and Rachel move into their place. The same assfucking and cock-cleaning occurs, this time with Lisa’s cock and Rachel’s ass. I just lie back and let their cocks come to me, so I can eagerly suck them clean.

“Break time’s over, Molly!” Jessica suddenly exclaims, lying down next to me. “We’re not done fucking you. Get up on this cock!”

I roll over and obediently straddle Jess, with one hand guiding the cock up into my cunt, then bouncing up and down slowly a few times before Lisa pushes me down against Jessica’s body, then slowly working the tip of her fake cock into my ass.

“That’s my Molly,” Jessica whispers as she sees me smiling, feeling my rectum being filled.

I have been waiting for this; while my ass hasn’t been ignored, it hasn’t been properly serviced yet.

Lisa slowly works her cock in and out, a little deeper with each stroke, until she’s in all the way to the hilt. Slowly, she backs all the way out, then back in, allowing my asshole to become accustomed to the girth; as the muscles begin to accommodate, she begins fucking me harder and faster. Fast strokes. Hard, pounding strokes. Teasing with just the tip, then driving it home. She’s masterful with her cocksmanship.

“Come on, slut! Take this cock!” Lisa is riding me hard.

Satisfied with the fucking that she’s given me, Lisa steps aside and lets Micaela take her place, then Rachel and Adriana, in turn.

“All right, baby girl. My turn. I want some ass, too,” Jessica says once Adriana is done.

I slowly climb off of Jess and turn around to receive her cock.

“No, baby, not like that. Your pussy’s not getting a break,” she says and Rachel lies down next to me.

I do as I’m told and climb on top of Rachel, inserting her cock into my pussy. Once in position, Jessica bends me forward and has her way with my already stretched ass. After three or four minutes of fucking my asshole, Jessica pulls her cock out and pokes the tip at the entrance to my pussy, already filled with Rachel’s cock.

“Two in the pussy!” Jessica announces.

With that, she starts slowly but steadily inserting the rubber cock into my pussy, alongside Rachel’s thick cock. The fit is tight, but slowly my pussy gives way, stretching to accommodate the insane double penetration. Jessica starts with slow strokes, then gradually works them faster. She grabs my pigtails and tugs on them, jerking my head back. The juice from my pussy is flowing like a river, dripping and coating Rachel’s cunt below.

Finally, I give one loud moan, a massive orgasm overtaking me, and then collapse on top of Rachel. Satisfied with her work, Jessica slips her cock out of my thoroughly abused pussy and sits down next to us. The party is done.

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