Wife F*cks Stranger as Revenge for Husband Cheating

Golden Muse 18-23 minutes 3/3/2023
Photo by Leonardo Zanini

It was just another Tuesday, like any other. Kate was getting dressed to go to work, and her husband Robert was waking up already.

They’d been married for over five years and their relationship kept them both satisfied.

Both agreed that they would not want to share each other with anybody else, just being a traditional, normal married couple. Kate loved Robert immensely.

He continued to show his care for her just like he was when they got married.

He would kiss her, hug her, give her presents, talk to her sweet words, basically everything.

She was confident that her husband was happy, and that kept her happy in return.

Kate was in her late thirties and still in great shape. She had shapely hips and a belly, but because of developed muscles, she look very much alright.

She was 5 foot 7, and her blondish-red hair was short but voluminous. Robert her husband was in his mid-forties. He was a well-respected lawyer all over the city of Miami.

The clock was showing 7:45 am and she had to be at work at the University by 8:30 am.

Kate gave Robert a very long passionate kiss because he was to travel to California for some business and would be back only in three days.

It was a really hot day and, as she was lecturing, she could see that her students were exhausted by all the heat.

She was sweating herself. It would be so nice to take a cool shower at home, she thought.

To avoid being viewed as a total bitch, she told her class that the lecture would be over one hour earlier since everyone is tired.

After a round of applause from the students, Kate ran home.

As she was driving her car she began to imagine how she could surprise her husband when he got home from his trip. She loved him that much.

Passing the bright green trees near their home, Kate stopped to look at them for a second, what a wonderful, hot, day it was.

She was unusually cheerful for some reason unknown to her. Everything was right, everything was the way she wanted it to be.

At home, she took a quick shower, put on her robe, and turned on her computer.

She had to check her emails regularly because her students always had questions and it was part of her job to help them.

It was already past 3 pm, she had all day ahead of her, and saw nothing wrong with spending a couple of hours on the internet, browsing news websites, shopping, or playing games.

As the long list of visited sites opened up in a column on the left side of her browser, she began searching for them.

Nothing could have prepared her for what she saw next. It was very easy to see that the history folder contained a history of a number of websites that were opened before she turned on the computer.

The date indicated it was the same day, but it was when she was teaching at school that morning. The visited websites were all high-end escort sites.

These escorts were based in California where Robert was heading for business.

She even found a chat her husband had been having with one of these escorts and was prepared to pay her thousands of dollars to spend the night with him in his hotel room.

Kate sat there in the living room, in total shock, unable to get her thoughts straight. Her husband was paying for an escort?

This hurt her emotionally to such an extent that she felt she was boiling, she felt the adrenaline rush through her blood and she wanted to kick and throw things around. This was inexcusable.

She gave everything to her husband. She never looked at other men, he was everything that mattered to her, and now, he was paying back her by sleeping with prostitutes.

Kate’s thoughts started to run wild. What if her husband had been cheating on her for a long time?

After the initial uncontrollable rage inside Kate’s heart had subsided, she began to think in her regular rational manner, or so she thought.

She would never forgive Robert for what happened today. Thoughts of revenge started to grow in her.

Thoughts about how she can balance out the unfaithfulness of Robert. What could she do?

Wild thoughts she would usually block started to surface again. Thoughts of men, sex, and lust were screaming at her as the madness of revenge dissolved all inhibitions.

He deserved a payback, and Kate was determined to make sure somehow this payback would happen.

‘If he thinks he can cheat on me like that, I’ll show him what cheating truly means’, she mumbled to herself.

Her legs were covered in dark sexy stockings as she put on her brownish leather skirt and a white blouse.

As she drove downtown, she was even more determined to do what she had planned.

There was no doubt in her mind that she was going to go through with it. She will try to pick some random stranger and fuck him, all in revenge for her husband.

Classic rock was playing in the background as Kate sat at the table in the bar where she and Robert used to go often. It was a relatively high-end bar, where the patrons were also high-income earners.

As she sat there at the table, sipping a margarita she bought, she was thinking over what happened earlier.

At first, she was blocking her inhibitions with her conscience. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t fall to his level’, she thought.

But another urge was awakening in her.

It was a feeling that made her feel all naughty and dirty inside. She felt like a slut, but not in a shameful way. She could sense a wave rushing in between her legs.

“May I join you?” a tall man with a deep voice asked Kate as he came to the table.

He was about six feet tall, had dark black hair, and was quite well-built. He was putting on a blue shirt, and khaki slacks. Possibly mid-thirties.

“Why, of course, I was actually looking for some company. Have a seat!” Kate replied as nicely as she could.

‘Maybe I shouldn’t be so upfront about it’, she thought to herself as she started to worry.

“Oh really? So you’re just taking a break after work?” the man asked.

“Well, kind of. By the way, my name is Kate” she said as she extended her hand for a handshake.

“Oh! I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Steve. Nice to meet you, Kate. Can I buy you a drink?” he kindly offered.

“Hmm…I already had one. But it wouldn’t hurt” Kate replied followed by an “of course” from her new acquaintance.

The two buddies sat in the dimly lit bar getting to know each other for about an hour.

It turned out that Steve was married as well and was working as a retail store manager not far from the bar.

He had a rather pleasant personality, Kate had noticed. He smiled just at the right moments and used his facial expressions skillfully.

She could not wait to finish her plan. She had to invite him to her house so that her revenge on Robert would succeed.

The more she and Steve talked the more suggestive she would try to be. She tried hard to hide her true intentions.

They now sat right next to each other and their legs touched. A tingling sensation was sending impulses in between her thighs.

Kate could feel the moisture building up in her white cotton panties as she imagined how another man’s cock would feel in her pussy. It wasn’t the looks of Steve, it wasn’t his personality even.

What got Kate more and more excited and aroused was the realization of what she was going to do.

She would cheat on her husband with another man, a man she barely knows and her actions would be justified to her.

She could feel the hormones rush through her blood in waves, making her feel bad and slutty, and she enjoyed it.

To her amazement, she found herself even doubly aroused knowing that she would fuck a married man. She hadn’t done this before, only read about such escapades in cheap romance novels.

“So, I get the feeling that you’re unhappy about something? What’s wrong Kate?” asked Steve.

Kate looked at him with a catlike smile;

“Well…’re probably keen on things such as this. I am sure you’ll understand. Things aren’t the way I truly want them to be if you get what I mean. Actually, I think you’d be the perfect person to fix those problems. Don’t you think?”

Steve was a keen conversationalist and understood what Kate was implying. She wanted sex, and she wanted it now.

“I would be very happy to help you. Do you have any idea when, where?”

Kate couldn’t take it anymore;

“Listen, Stevie, let’s go outside. My car is a black BMW, just follow me. We’re going to my place. Alright?”

They both got up from the table, leaving the darkness of the bar behind, along with the empty glasses they recently held.

As Kate drove she could see Steve’s car behind her. It was a white Toyota that held the course like a determined rocket. Kate couldn’t hold her excitement.

She knew this would work and she was proud of how easily she was able to conceive such a date.

Just yesterday she would not have thought about doing anything even remotely sounding like what she was doing now, bringing another man to her home…to fuck him.

When she and Steve parked their cars in the driveway, Kate got out and motioned Steve to follow her. He was standing near her as she unlocked the door.

When they entered the house Steve embraced the redhead that just brought him to her house, giving her a deep kiss, and thrusting his tongue into hers.

As their mouths enjoyed each other in ecstasy, Steve reached for Kate’s ass and gripped it with all his strength fondling and playing with it.

As he lowered his lips to lick his lover’s neck he raised her skirt up behind and sent his lustful hand in search of the sacred area every man searches for.

Moving her white panties to the side, Steve reached Kate’s tight pussy.

Kate was already very horny and wet from this adventure. She rolled her eyes in pleasure as this man kissed her neck, while simultaneously inserting his finger into her pussy.

Steve’s middle finger slid into the moist opening as Kate’s pubic hair brushed past his finger.

“Stop, ah…..stop it,” said, Kate.

“Let’s go into my bedroom baby, so you can fuck me right there.”

She led her lover to her bedroom with an evil smirk on her face. ‘That’ll teach Robert a lesson when he finds out,’ she thought.

Steve and Kate entered the bedroom which was spacious and cozy.

The king-size bed was covered with a beige blanket above clean white sheets.

Kate sat on the bed, in front of Steve as he approached her. She smiled and unzipped the fly of his khaki slacks to release the dick that she was going to receive.

As she lowered his briefs a huge erect cock popped right into her face.

Steve was smiling as he looked into Kate’s eyes when she began to kiss his cock from the tip of the swollen head and down the shaft so that his pubic hair touched her face.

Having that hairbrush on her face made Kate even hornier.

He took his cock with one hand and held the woman’s chin with his other hand.

He moved it all over her face touching and feeling her face with the tip of his cock, lightly slapping another man’s wife with his large cock.

“Oh Kate, you’re so beautiful honey”

Kate was taking his cock in her mouth as deep as it went, touching her throat and almost making her gag.

They were at it for about four minutes. Saliva was dripping from Kate’s mouth, pushed out by the pressure of Steve’s cock as he fucked her face.

Kate laid on her back and spread her stocking-covered legs apart. Steve took off his blue shirt as fast as he could and threw it on the floor without looking.

He leaned above Kate and unbuttoned her white blouse to reveal her large mature boobs that were held in place by her bra.

Steve unclipped the bra on Kate’s back and pulled it away with his teeth to reveal her sizeable boobs in front of his face. Kate looked at him and smiled like she was in heaven.

“Oh yeah, Stevie, suck those boobs. They’re yours, make me feel nasty …please”

Steve held and massaged Kate’s right boob with his hand while he sucked on the left one. Kate’s beautiful brownish-pink nipples were covered in her lover’s saliva and she liked it.

She felt so bad, so nasty, so freaky. She just wanted to be fucked. Her horny pussy couldn’t take it any longer, making her panties drenched with moisture.

She gently took Steve’s head and pushed it lower, away from her boobs towards her waist. He lifted her skirt up to reveal her moist panties to him. He violently pulled them down to free her hot pussy for him.

Then his eager tongue was all over Kate’s opening. Kate didn’t shave very often and her pussy was accompanied by a beautiful bush of brownish hair.

As Steve licked her clit, tasting the woman’s love juices, he would move his tongue around her slit feeling the hairs around it.

He used his fingers to help him open up Kate’s horny pussy for his tongue. It tasted so good.

Kate had never experienced such pleasure in her life. She had enough sex with her husband; once or twice per week on average, and, although it satisfied her urges, it never brought to such arousal as she used to when she was a freshman in college.

The pleasure that Steve was giving her now brought old memories back. Nothing else mattered to her now.

She took Steve’s hair and moved his head around her wet pussy lips as he sucked harder.

“Oh God, yes, oh God. Suck me! Eat that pussy!” Steve spread her legs even wider as he ate her out.

“Ready to be fucked, baby? Do you want me to talk dirty?” asked Steve playfully.

“Yes, talk dirty to me!! Call me a slut! Call me a dirty slut and fuck me!!” Kate roared at him through her clasped teeth.

Her face was showing a combination of pleasure and pain, almost a masochistic expression, of someone who knew they were bad and liked it.

Steve took his huge, erect, cock into his right hand and began to move it up and down along Kate’s wet hairy pussy, teasing her skin folds with his swollen head.

“Ooh, you like to fuck strangers in your bedroom? Huh? You filthy whore?!” Steve said, “Answer my question! Bitch!” He screamed at her with a huge smile on his face.

Her blondish hair in disarray around her, she, in a manner mocking anger answered “Yesss, I am a fuckin’ slut and I want your fat cock to fill up my fuckin hole.”

Steve then thrust his cock into her pussy. Kate screamed from this sudden pleasure and continued to fill up the bedroom with moans of pleasure as Steve began moving his hot rod back and forth inside her pussy.

Her legs in the air, she could see how her boobs began to move like jello in rhythm with her lover’s passionate thrusts.

She could feel Steve’s balls hitting her ass making slapping sounds. His cock was younger and evidently bigger than her husband’s. Her pussy was being stretched like it was never before from the wild fucking she received.

With one of her hands, she grabbed the bedsheet to keep control. Steve leaned to her face and began kissing her lips while continuing to fuck her pussy.

As the vibrating sensation spread all around her body, Kate could feel she was about to have an orgasm.

“Oh…oh…….oh I am cumming. Oh God!” she screamed when a huge wave of pleasure shot through her muscles.

Steve quickly pulled his pulsating red cock from Kate’s pussy to release his load. He quickly moved his waist closer to her face…

“Yes, baby cum on my face, cum on my fuckin face”
Kate roared when Steve gave out an animal-like moan and shot his hot load of sperm onto her face.

Kate’s mouth and cheeks were covered in Steve’s cum. She quickly gathered it with her hand and put it in her mouth

“, your cum tastes so good. Thanks so much for cumming on my face” to which Steve, who now lay on his stomach near her, responded

“No, no, thank you, Kate. You’re an amazing woman.”

They lay in bed for maybe fifteen minutes. Kate couldn’t believe what she had done. She fucked another man in her bedroom and she felt good about it.

‘I am such a slut’, she thought. What a horrible thought, but she felt so good.

Kate had tasted Steve’s cock and she loved it. She wanted more. As he napped near her, she began to massage his soft cock, in the hope to bring another life to it.

While she was massaging and pleasuring his cock, he kissed her. First on the cheek, then moved to her lips.

Once again their tongues touched each other mixing their saliva in an erotic kiss. He began to play with her boobs.

“Fuck me again, before you go. Please.” Kate asked Steve as he smiled at her.

“I’ll fuck you, you dirty wife,”
he replied as he motioned Kate to position herself on all fours and to stick her ass in the air, as he went behind her.

He slapped her ass with his hand to make her moan.

“You dirty, dirty, girl.” He laughed as he slapped her butt some more to make it red. In response, she laughed like a silly schoolgirl.

“Come on, I want to feel your hard cock inside me again,” she said in a half-lowered voice.

Steve’s cock was hard again, ready to fuck this woman’s ass. He grabbed a bottle of body oil and poured some of it into his hands.

He then rubbed the lotion around Kate’s asshole as it was still very tight. Kate’s asshole wasn’t used to anal sex so it was tight and unwilling to let Steve’s organ in.

Kate gave out a moan of pain as her ass was stretched to allow Steve’s hot rod in.

“OOOhhh my God!!! What are you doing?! Oh my… it feels good!!!.”

“Have you ever had such huge cock in your ass Kate?” he asked when he began to make regular movements with his cock more than half inside.

Kate couldn’t believe it. It was pain and pleasure at once.

As the huge piece of meat rammed her from behind she reached with one of her hands to her pussy to pleasure her clit, moaning and almost crying from pleasure.

Steve’s movements were getting more intense and faster as he fucked her ass, slapping her with his hand once in a while.

Kate’s boobs were moving back and forth under her along with the cross on her neck, in a unified rhythm as her ass was violated like it never has been before.

The room was filled out with passionate moans from both of them, as the two fucked.

With Kate’s face, red from passion, she asked;

“Am I better than your wife? Do you like fucking my ass more?” she growled to Steve through her teeth tightly held together from pressure.

“Oh God, fuck yeah, I love fucking your ass” he replied.

They were both about to come for the last time. Kate felt the wave of pleasure rush through her body giving her goosebumps and making her feel like her life was complete when she screamed like an animal in the bedroom.

Steve quickly took his cock out of her ass and shot a huge load of cum in three streams on Kate’s ass.

“Yes, yes, yes shit!! This is awesome!!!” He screamed as he beat his satisfied cock on Kate’s ass.

She quickly turned around and took his cock into her mouth to clean it from Steve’s love juices. She looked at him and smiled.

It was getting close to 7 pm and she had better let Steve go back to meet his wife.

“Do you think we can meet tomorrow again baby?” Kate playfully pleaded

Steve who was looking at her as he stood dressing up;

“Um…I think we can,” he replied trying to sound serious. “we’ll see what my wife thinks about that. Hehe”

They both laughed. Later Kate went outside on her house’s porch to see Steve drive off. What a day, she thought.

She felt a little guilty because she realized that this was just the start of a new adventure that she felt she was getting addicted to.

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