A Night of Mutual Pleasure -

Drew Writes Erotica 12-15 minutes 4/14/2023
photo: Viv Thomas

I was starting to follow her and my cheeks flushed hot, my underwear suddenly soaked as I realized what she was suggesting.

Cora and I were attending an annual Pharmaceutical event; we were medical representatives of competing companies. The only reason we’d started speaking was that she was having a rather heated disagreement with an ignorant middle-aged man about the need for more diverse voices in the workplace, and I congratulated her on her well-reasoned and professional arguments. We’d been chatting for the whole day, finally agreeing to go for a drink on our last evening.

I showed up at the bar, frazzled and tired and regretting not bringing a change of clothes. She had looked smooth and put together, her glossy dark hair falling in loose curls over her almost-bare shoulders, exposed by the black mesh underlay that made her sleeveless dress a little more discreet. My own smart black skirt suit was nowhere near as sexy.

The first thing I noticed was that she had the most amazing figure, curvy and womanly, with round hips and large heavy breasts. She rather put my small perky tits and flat ass to shame.

We weren’t talking long before the conversation turned to our personal lives. I was surprised — and secretly overjoyed — to learn that she too was bisexual. We spoke about that at length, comparing coming-out stories. I avoided mentioning my boyfriend of five years for as long as possible, but naturally, he eventually came up when I confessed halfway into the second bottle of wine that my experience with women was very limited, due to coming out three years into a monogamous relationship with a man. She didn’t bat an eyelid, and I felt a little disappointed. She clearly didn’t fancy me the way I did her, or she might have seemed upset to know I was off the market.

As it got later, we ended up going back to my hotel room for another drink. It had been a long time since I’d had so much fun talking to someone, and it seemed that neither of us was ready to end the night just yet.

And that’s when I ruined it. Cora was opening another bottle of wine, standing at the little desk in the budget hotel room, and I was lounging on the bed having kicked my shoes off. I must have been staring because she smirked and tossed her hair back.

“What are you thinking?” she asked playfully.

“I want to kiss you,” I said without thinking.

And then my brain kicked in and my cheeks flushed red. She just looked at me, the silence between us thick and heavy. I felt my breath constrict in my chest as I waited for her to say something.

She hadn’t taken her eyes off me, and her dark gaze felt penetrating. After a long and embarrassing moment, she approached me.

“And do you intend to do anything about that?” Her voice was even and measured, giving nothing away.

“I hate the cliche of a bisexual woman who can’t be trusted and cheats on her partner. It’s bullshit and I don’t want to be part of it.”

I sighed and flopped back, staring at the ceiling. Embarrassingly, my throat was tight and I couldn’t speak. I felt the weight on the bed shift as she sat on the edge of it.

“You didn’t answer my question,” she pointed out softly.

“I’m not a bad person,” I said, as though I were trying to convince myself as much as her. “My boyfriend is a good man. I can’t… I’m sorry, I should never have said it.”

She shook her head, that gentle smile still in place. God, she was pretty. Tenderly, she placed a hand on my knee.

“Does it make it easier or harder if I say that I want to kiss you too?”

I gave a little chuckle and then sighed heavily.

“A mixture of the two, I think. I’m sorry, Cora. I shouldn’t have… made this weird.”

“Don’t worry, this isn’t weird. This is just us getting to know each other better. I’m having fun,” she said, and stood up again, passing me the glass of wine she’d poured.

I sat up and gave her a small smile. I took a big swig and chuckled. My head was spinning and I currently felt like the worst person ever, but at least she hadn’t left the room in disgust or laughed right in my face.

“I’m having fun too. I’ll just go to the bathroom really quick to… to get this out of my system and we’ll back to being new friends,” I joked, my tipsiness allowing me to be so crude as to even wiggle my middle and pointer finger suggestively together in the air.

She laughed, and then her eyes lit up. A sparkle flashed through their dark brown and I narrowed my own blue gaze a little, questioning her sudden excitement. She glanced down into her glass, acting very nonchalant.

“I always find that… that helps me sleep, don’t you?” she wiggled her fingers in the same gesture I’d made, her tone casual.

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I played along. She was right, after all.

“Yeah, yeah, me too,” I said, my voice a little wary.

Her lips twitched into a smirk and she checked her watch. “Would you mind awfully if I crashed here with you?”

“Yeah, obviously,” I responded.

“Well, then, both of us need to sleep well, to get this wine out of our systems. And we both know a way to help us sleep. If we were to… get ourselves to sleep, it wouldn’t be a problem, would it? I mean, we wouldn’t even have to touch, or talk about it or anything. I mean, maybe you’ll fall asleep straight away and I can do it in peace. Or vice versa. Who’s to say?” She grinned wide.

I was starting to follow her and my cheeks flushed hot, my underwear suddenly soaked as I realized what she was suggesting. I hesitated and then when I spoke, my voice was low and slow.

“It can be hard to tell if someone is asleep, can’t it? If they’re asleep, or just…pretending. But it’s worth the risk if you need to… sleep well.”

She held my gaze and nodded, clearly pleased that we were on the same page now.

“Well, in that case, I’m going to, erm, get ready for bed.” I suddenly couldn’t wait to be under the duvet.

“You take the bathroom,” Cora smiled. “It’s your hotel room, after all. I’ll get myself ready out here.”

When I returned from the bathroom, wearing a matching sports bra and panties set — soft grey cotton with a bright white elastic band under the bust and at the hips — she was about to get into bed.

The sight took my breath away. Her smooth pale curves were poured into a deep red bodysuit, her ample tits pushed into a delicious cleavage and her rounded stomach encased in lace. As she turned to put her phone on charge, I was treated to her juicy ass displayed by the thong back. I could feel my briefs were flooded already. But no, we had a plan. A good plan, I reasoned, as this plan didn’t hurt anyone.

We both slipped into bed and she flicked the light off, drowning us in darkness. She smelled amazing, sweet and musky, and her hair brushed my shoulder as she settled herself comfortably with a very conscious gap between our warm bodies.

“Goodnight, Ava,” she murmured into the darkness.

“Goodnight, Cora,” I replied, my voice catching in my throat, thick with arousal.

The tension was nearly overwhelming, but I needed her to take the lead here. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long. Moments after we’d spoken, she gave a little sigh and the covers shifted as she slid one hand down. It took a moment for me to work out what she was doing, as her hand didn’t travel as far as I expected but soon I realized she was stroking the curve of her left breast, toying with the edge of the lace. Her movements were slow and deliberate, her fingers trailing closer to the stiff nipple I’d been able to peek through the fabric. I knew she’d reached it when she gave a tiny gasp, my body attuned to every tiny nuance of her breathing. My own hands moved straight down to rest on the waistband of my underwear, desperate for more but determined to savor this moment.

As she massaged her breast, her hips shifted a little and soon her other hand was sliding down over her curves and coming to rest between her impressive thighs. The movement of the duvet told me she was teasing herself, slow and gentle movements which caused her breath to hitch in her throat, her hips straining upwards seeking the friction she was so expertly denying herself. I tightened my grip on my waistband, squeezing my muscles at the same time, my breathing speeding a little. Damn! I could probably cum without even touching myself, with her as inspiration.

But I don’t have that much control. I let one hand creep down to my inner thigh, trailing my nails over the sensitive skin there. I was suddenly pleased I had shaved down there. I wondered if she was waxed or natural — I figured probably neatly trimmed, maybe with a cute little landing strip. I’d give anything to know for sure.

My attention was grabbed again as she gave a little mewl and her hand sped up. She’d given in, caressing her clit in regular tight circles that made the duvet jump in rhythm. I did the same, matching my movements to hers and letting out a tiny noise of my own. This was even better than anything I could have imagined, the pretense of ignorance in the darkness heightening the erotic tension. She was trying to keep herself quiet, but the little muted noises were almost hotter, more illicit.

I gave a little groan of my own as one of my hands grabbed at my breast, tweaking my small hard nipple through the soft cotton while the hand between my legs continued to match her pace. I was rubbing myself through my briefs, needing the friction of the fabric since my pussy was already absolutely sopping wet. The extra pressure was something so sweet it made my mouth water, my lips hanging open as my breathing sped up.

Suddenly, her movements stopped. She took the hand from her breast and moved it down between her legs, and I heard a tiny popping sound. She was unfastening the bodysuit, allowing her pussy exposure to the air and herself more room to maneuver. She was as aware of me as I was of her because she glanced at me when she realized I’d stopped too.

“Okay?” she murmured, her voice almost indiscernible.

“Mhmm,” I murmured back, sitting up briefly to pull my bra off before lying down and turning my head on the pillow to face her.

My small breasts were so sensitive now that even the duvet brushing the nipples made me shudder… or maybe that was just the way she was still looking at me as her hand slid slowly back down to find the bare skin between her legs. This time, when she moaned, it was more deliberate and slightly louder, her eyes flickering closed for a moment.

And suddenly, everything felt like it had been turned up a few notches. We held eye contact as the hand rubbing her clit made the covers we shared bounce and then there was a slower movement, and she gave a low moan. She’d slid a finger, or maybe two, inside herself and she took a moment to relish the new fullness before she began moving her hips in an ever-increasing rhythm.

Meanwhile, my own hands were back to where they had been; one grasping at my breast, tugging my nipple desperately, while I attacked my sensitive clit with two fingers. The orgasm was mounting now, and it wouldn’t be long before I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Please, please,” I whispered over and over again.

She shifted her face a little closer to mine, her eyes widening and her mouth dropping open as she began to fuck herself harder, slamming her hand into her pussy in time with my voice.

“Are you close?” Her voice sounded so wanton, cracked, and breathless with desire, that the sound of it nearly sent me over the edge.

I nodded desperately, lips now pressed tight together to muffle my moans.

“Me too. Do you think… I mean, would you be able to… hold on? If I count down…”

Her suggestion made my body spasm, my hips bucking, but I nodded wildly, keeping my speed consistent so that I could tip myself over the edge just when she told me to.

The countdown from ten was impossibly long… she teased us both, dragging it out, her voice getting rougher and more hoarse as she got closer and closer to…

“Now! Come for me now,” she commanded, and I didn’t need to be told twice.

My muscles clenched, the wave of my orgasm crashing over me like a tsunami, and I couldn’t hold back my moans anymore. At my side, her hips were raised high as she twitched and groaned and made the sweetest little mewls of “yes” that I had ever heard.

It seemed to last a lifetime, but all too soon it was done, both of us collapsing sweaty and spent. She caught my eyes and we started laughing, the release of tension suddenly overwhelming. I didn’t even feel guilty about what we’d done. She made me feel so at ease and the whole situation had been so hot, I could hardly think past her smile, her heaving chest, and the smell of sex emanating from the fingers she moved up to suck clean between her plump lips.

“Maybe next time…” she said softly, and I nodded.

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