I Love to Watch. - Emma & Richard Erotica - Medium

Emma & Richard Erotica 7-8 minutes 4/4/2023

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, babe?” She asked.


My girl Natalia is a tiny little thing. Just five feet two and a hundred ten pounds. She wears her wavy brunette hair just past shoulder length. Her emerald green eyes look large and innocent, but I know they’re anything but. The short black dress she’s wearing hugs every curve on her body. Its low scoop neckline shows off the tops of her perky tits and leaves her ripped stomach bare.

Natalia’s only nineteen years old and has worked at this club for about three months. She’s also in college studying to be an architect or engineer. While I don’t know what a “normal” day would look like to Natalia, she works here as a dancer at night because she loves to dance and makes good money.

I glanced over Natalia’s shoulder and saw him sitting near the stage at one of the tables. He would be her… good money, tonight. He had a muscular body. He looked like a gym rat who had lifted more than his fair share of weights. He was her type.

He was older, and that made me nervous. But he wasn’t bad looking, and for some reason his age did make me feel better about taking him home with Natalia. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like watching Natalia getting fucked by other men. It turns me on. I’m not sure why, but it always does.

I smiled when the three of us walked into the apartment. My cock hardened instantly and they hadn’t even touched each other yet. I reached between my legs to stroke myself.

They went into the kitchen and started drinking vodka while chatting, and I sat in the living room and turned on the television. I leaned back in the chair and watched Natalia walk around the kitchen, teasing him with her body. She bent over slightly and put her hands on the bar. Her small ass stuck out and swayed from side to side. I could see her athletic thighs through the thin fabric of her dress.

I watched them kiss. They had been kissing for about thirty seconds when he pulled away, placed his hand on Natalia’s lower back, and pulled her close. Their bodies pressed together as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him.

He kissed her again, and then I heard her say something. I couldn’t hear exactly what, but he must have told her to remove her clothes. She looked up at me and smiled. She raised her hands above her head, pulled her left arm out of the sleeve of her dress, and removed it from her body. Her right arm came with it, and she stepped out of the dress completely.

Natalia stood wearing only a tiny pink thong that barely covered anything. Her small tits were perky with dark areolas attached to them about an inch wide. I sat biting my lip as he licked slow circles around my girl’s nipples. He stopped occasionally to suck one in, hard, and release it with a pop. She rubbed up and down on his rigid cock until he couldn’t bare it any longer. She slipped off the thong and Below her flat stomach was a thick patch of fur shaped into an exclamation point. Her pussy lips were already wet.

She walked over to me, placed one hand on my leg and the other on the back of the chair behind me, leaned down, and gave me a long slow kiss on my lips that quickly turned into a deep passionate kiss that left me breathless when it was over.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this, babe?” She asked.

She continued to kiss me as she stood up, then pulled her fingers through my hair as she stood in front of me again.

“I’m sure. Have fun, Nat.”

His eyes widened, and he sipped his drink while looking at Natalia’s tits firmly bouncing up and down when she walked toward him. His hand went to his crotch, and he squeezed himself through his pants when Natalia sat beside him on the couch, facing me on the opposite side of the living room.

He stood to undo his pants and pull them off before sitting back down again beside her. He took one of her hands in his own. He placed it on his crotch over his pants while looking at me for approval before he kissed Natalia again with an open mouth full of saliva while she squeezed his cock.

I sat there while Natalia stroked him slowly with one hand while moving her other hand up to his neck to pull him closer to her mouth. His lips pressed against hers, and their tongues intertwined and moved around inside each other’s mouths.

She leaned forward, pressed his hard cock against his stomach, and ran her tongue along the underside of his shaft before moving further down to his balls and licking. While making eye contact with me, she sucked one into her mouth while he moaned, and she slowly stroked his cock.

“Ahh… Fuck! Uhh!” He moaned loudly while she sucked on his balls.

His hand grabbed the back of her head while gripping her hair tightly, guiding her mouth. He pushed himself deep into her mouth. Natalia gagged slightly when he hit the back of her throat, but swallowed quickly before pulling back out and sucking on his balls again.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I was sitting here watching my 19-year-old girlfriend having sex with a much older guy! Watching made me want to cum, and I was afraid I’d shoot my load in my pants. But I also questioned myself. What had I done wrong? Was I not good enough to satisfy her? Was I somehow inadequate as a lover?

She continued to suck and lap at his cock and balls, slowly building up speed the whole time. Finally, he slammed his cock into Natalia’s throat. Grunting and rolling his eyes, he held her head and stopped thrusting.

“Fuck!” He loudly moaned. “I’m cumming! Fuck! Ahh! Oh shit!”

You could see Natalia’s throat tremble and flex as she tried to swallow, but his cum kept coming out, spilling over her lips and chin. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and held it before her face while she licked his cum off it. Natalia looked at me, breathing erratically, and managed a smile while still stroking his cock. Her tongue ran along the underside of his shaft while she held his balls in her mouth.

“Fuck yeah!” he said.

She responded by closing her eyes and gently, teasingly biting down on the head of his cock before releasing it from between her lips. She looked satisfied as she looked at me with a smile that showed her teeth.

“Did you like that, babe,” Natalia said in a low whisper as she stared into my eyes.

I started cumming. There was no stopping the strong ongoing orgasm, which made my whole body convulse and shake. I watched Natalia suck on his flaccid cock as she looked at me. At the same time, he rubbed her clit and pussy lips.

I came all over my fist while their eyes remained glued to my cock. I didn’t know what to do or say as I sat there with my cock in my hand, covered in cum.

“That was so amazing!” Natalia said in a cute voice as she sat there briefly before they started toward the bedroom. Watching my girlfriend having sex with another man seems surreal. I love it every time.