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Afghan Overdose. Inside opium trade [documentary]

Lucky Dip

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10 Incredible Secrets of Siberia

Siberia is huge, it stretches from the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains to the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. Its population density is about three people per square kilometer, it is one of the most

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World Happiness Report 2015 ranks happiest countries



We do not use an evidence-backed method for treating heroin addiction.

But our antiquated conceptions of addicts prevent us from doing so.

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Discovering Ancient Roman Ruins in a German Parking Lot

One of the most visited sights in Germany is the Cologne Cathedral (der Kölner Dom) where it’s easy to spot swaths of tourists taking in its Gothic beauty. But what a lot of visitors to Cologne don’t realize is that right underneath their feet is a functional parking garage that happens to have an a

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The FBI Is About To Get The Power To Hack Millions Of Computers

WASHINGTON — Congress had six months to debate granting President-elect Donald Trump’s FBI new legal powers to hack millions of computers, and Republican leaders objected to doing so on Wednesday.

That means that starting Thursday, a Department of Justice official will be able to go to a single judge, assert that a computer crime may involve millions of networked devices, and get a warrant that lets the FBI hack all of those devices.

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The ‘Ancient Lights’ of England

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How Civil War Soldiers Gave Themselves Syphilis While Trying to Avoid Smallpox

If only someone had warned them not to take a DIY approach.

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some science

Source: BioEdge: Interview: Philip Nitschke on life in the Netherlands

Source: The Five Stages Of A Dying Theory

Analysing how people’s brainwaves changed when expecting an erotic buzz to their genitals indicates that brain stimulation can boost sex drive

Source: Zap to the brain alters libido in unique sex study | New Scientist

Mothers who leave work to raise children often sacrifice more than the pay for their time off; when they come back their wages reflect lost raises.

Source: Taking time off work to raise children is damaging to the careers of highly skilled women | EurekAlert! Science News

Will Self: Are humans evolving beyond the need to tell stories?

Neuroscientists who insist technology is changing our brains may have it wrong. What if we are switching from books to digital entertainment because of a change in our need to communicate?

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A Forgotten Adventure With a Telepathic Tribe

New Broadway play revisits a National Geographic photographer’s strange encounter while searching for the source of the Amazon.

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18-year-old Keshia Thomas protects a fallen man, believed to be associated with the Ku Klux Klan from an angry mob of anti-clan protestors. Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. 1996. By Mark Brunner

This Neural Network Dreams In Cities

Inspired by Italo Calvino, a team of engineers teaches neural networks to imagine entirely new cities.

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The Government Is Using a No Fly Zone to Suppress Journalism At Standing Rock

Drone journalists are documenting human rights abuses in North Dakota. A no fly zone enacted by the FAA violates the First Amendment, experts say.

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Magic mushroom ingredient psilocybin could be key to treating depression

Immediate reduction in depression and anxiety for up to eight months seen in patients with advanced cancer given a single dose of psilocybin

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Japanese Incarceration and Discrimination Against Muslims in the U.S.

A conversation with a historian about the slow creep of discrimination, from the U.S. government to church groups 

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Cuckolding fetish relationships: Men wanting partners to sleep with other men reaches new high


A self-confessed cuckold has revealed how he gives his wife ‘points’ based on the sexual acts she carries out with other men – one of the thousands of males turned on by one of society’s most taboo subjects. The fetish of cuckolding – where men allow other men to have sexual relationships with their wives – is on the rise.

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Brief encounters: Japan’s love hotels – in pictures

Belgian photographer Zaza Bertrand headed to Japan’s love hotels, secret worlds full of clandestine encounters and kitsch interior design

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photos by bob gruen

Barter, Bills and Banknotes: The 5,000 Year History of Money

A long time ago, people did not buy or sell with money. Instead they traded one thing for another to get what they wanted or needed. This exchange of goods or services is called barter.

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Devastating Images Of Climate Change, From California To India

Hundreds of photographers from National Geographic’s online community submitted images that document our changing Earth.

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Early Humans Spent More Time in Trees Than We Thought

The human family tree really was a tree for quite a while in our history, as new research finds our ancestor “Lucy” was quite a swinger.

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Neuroscience hasn’t been weaponized – it’s been a tool of war from the start

Maybe you think neuroscience has a peaceable history of benign efforts to improve lives and enhance human capacities. But its origins and development tell a different story – with ethical implications.

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Leonard Cohen: Life and Legacy of the Poet of Brokenness

For nearly half a century, the novelist, ladies’ man and Buddhist monk built a tower of song – even though darkness was never far off

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The spy who couldn’t spell: how the biggest heist in the history of US espionage was foiled

Ever since childhood, Brian Regan had been made to feel stupid because of his severe dyslexia. So he thought no one would suspect him of stealing secrets

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Jogging the Brain

There may be a way to counter what alcohol does to your neurons: Go for a run.

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Downsizing in Your Golden Years

Start planning early and arm yourself with resolve, an open mind, and a tape measure.

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The New Intellectuals

Is the academic jobs crisis a boon to public culture?

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50 Bright Book Ideas For Everyone on Your List

You can thank us later.

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vintage everyday: 19 Simply-Designed Christmas Postcards Just Make Them More Awesome

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Black death ‘plague pit’ discovered at 14th-century monastery hospital



What’s the history of sanctuary spaces and why do they matter?

Students and faculty are demanding universities declare themselves sanctuary campuses. Historically, sanctuary offered both legal and moral protection for the vulnerable.

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How to Hide $400 Million

When a wealthy businessman set out to divorce his wife, theirfortune vanished. The quest to find it would reveal the depthsof an offshore financial system bigger than the U.S. economy.

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Père Lachaise Cemetery

Oscar Wilde tomb

Père Lachaise Cemetery (French: Cimetière du Père-Lachaise, [simtjɛːʁ dy pɛːʁ laʃɛːz]; formerly, cimetière de l’Est, “East Cemetery”) is the largest cemetery in the city of Paris (44 hectares or 110 acres),[1] though there are larger cemeteries in the city’s suburbs. Père Lachaise is in the 20th arrondissement and is notable for being the first garden cemetery, as well as the first municipal cemetery.[2] It is also the site of three World War I memorials. The cemetery is on Boulevard de Mènilmontant. The

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Incredible discovery of 40,000-year-old tools for art and engineering

Humans began making paint and glue at roughly the same time with the same tools.

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Guyana: Peering Up at the World’s Highest Waterfall

It’s a country that’s hard to get to and hard to get around in, but he hiked deep into Guyana’s jungles to view Kaieteur, the world’s longest waterfall.

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Remembering Wounded Knee at Standing Rock

Have you been wondering about the history of Standing Rock protests and the American Indian Movement? Learn why and how we “Remember Wounded Knee.”

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Students have made Martin Shkreli’s $750 drug in their chem lab for just $2

Last year, hedge-fund manager Martin Shkreli made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he bought anti-parasitic drug Daraprim and jacked up the price overnight from $US13.50 to $750 a tablet.

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The Memories Lost to Infantile Amnesia

Much of your identity is formed during moments you won’t remember.

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Self-Portrait (1896) Pablo Picasso



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Black Limousine.

As Tears Go By

Around and Around.

African elephants are being born without tusks due to poaching, researchers say


An increasing number of African elephants are now born tuskless because poachers have consistently targetted animals with the best ivory over decades, fundamentally altering the gene pool. In some areas 98 per cent of female elephants now have no tusks, researchers have said, compared to between two and six per cent born tuskless on average in the past.