Jeff Bridges: Celebrity Photographer

The previous post showed what Hollywood celebrities look like when it’s just some random guy taking pictures of actors; there’s still an element of an outsider looking in. But what happens when a distinguished actor takes a camera on a movie set and offers a unique point of view to the world of film making? No imagination is required here as these are the behind-the-scenes photographs of one celebrity photographer, the “Dude” himself: Jeff Bridges.


Against the Grain: Should you go gluten-free?

Nearly twenty million Americans now say that they regularly experience stomach problems after eating products that contain gluten.GLjyAaq
Nearly twenty million Americans now say that they regularly experience stomach problems after eating products that contain gluten. Credit Illustration by Paul Rogers
—Just after Labor Day, the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo stopped for a weekend at the Meadowlands Exposition Center. Each year, the event wends its way across the country like a travelling medicine show, billing itself as the largest display of gluten-free products in the United States. Banners hung from the rafters, with welcoming messages like “Plantain Flour Is the New Kale.” Plantain flour contains no gluten, and neither did anything else at the exposition (including kale). There were gluten-free chips, gluten-free dips, gluten-free soups, and gluten-free stews; there were gluten-free breads, croutons, pretzels, and beer. There was gluten-free artisanal fusilli and penne from Italy, and gluten-free artisanal fusilli and penne from the United States. Dozens of companies had set up tables, offering samples of gluten-free cheese sticks, fish sticks, bread sticks, and soy sticks. One man passed out packets of bread crumbs, made by “master bakers,” that were certified as gluten-free, G.M.O.-free, and kosher. There was even gluten-free dog food.

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Sculpted Beauty by Risen Phoenix…viα.

Vintage Photos of People in Halloween Costumes in New Jersey


The Town Making the Horrifying Discovery That It’s Built Out of Jewish Tombstones

ombstones piled up in Brest-Litovsk Fortress. All photos by Debra Brunner.

Back in May, construction work for a new supermarket began in the center of Brest, a city in Belarus on the border with Poland. In a turn of events that wouldn’t seem out of place in a horror film, over 450 Jewish gravestones have since been discovered in the foundations of the houses that have been demolished to make way for the store.

Central Brest was once home to the Warburg Colony, a housing estate that was built to accommodate Jewish orphans after the First World War. When the Nazis arrived in 1941 the Brest Jews became victims of the Holocaust; ghettoized, moved to camps and killed.


The Most Amazing Pumpkins You Will See This Halloween



The Rumble in the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman in Kinshasa, Zaire [960 × 640] October 30 1974

Canned: A WWII-Era Community Cannery Hangs on in Rural Virginia – Modern Farmer

Keezletown is a quiet town in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley with exactly zero stoplights and one community cannery.

Meanwhile, the Washington D.C., suburb of Falls Church probably has about a million stoplights and zero community canneries. And so, on a late summer day, Fonda Nichols and Lise Metzger, two friends from Falls Church, make the two-hour drive out to Keezletown on a late summer day with 75 pounds of organic Roma tomatoes specially ordered from their CSA.

Nichols and Metzger made the trip to take advantage of the industrial-grade canning equipment – like the pressure cooker so large it’s loaded with a chain hoist and sealed with a wrench – available, for a small fee, to anyone who wants to can a lot of food a lot faster than could be done at home.


Tinder, the Fast-Growing Dating App, Taps an Age-Old Truth

Tinder’s founders, Jonathan Badeen, left, and Sean Rad, have seen staggering engagement on their dating app.


How to Make a Disco Ball Out of a Pumpkin [video at link]


In Brazilian city, homeless face ‘extermination’

Attempts to turn the investigation of at least 50 deaths over to federal authorities have stalled


Midnight Rider by The Allman Brothers Band on Grooveshark

Filled with artifacts, ancient Mexican tunnel may lead to royal tombs


dick nixon

(48,555/0) NewsBlur.

The Great Gatsby

This trailer is the only surviving footage of the world’s oldest movie adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel, The Great Gatsby. This lost silent film set in the Roaring Twenties was first a stage play on Broadway at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City. The film was directed by Herbert Brenon, produced by Adolph Zukor .


The Consequences of Domestication and Sedentism–Emily A. Schultz & Robert H. Lavenda

(This interesting piece on the effects of agriculture is from the college textbook Anthropology: A Perspective on the Human Condition Second Edition. pp 196-200)

Sedentism and domestication, separately and together, transformed human life in ways that still affect us today.

“Our Land”

Sedentism and domestication represent not just a technological change but also a change in worldview. Land was no longer a free good, available to anyone, with resources scattered randomly across the landscape; it was transformed into particular territories, collectively or individually owned, on which people raised crops and flocks. Thus, sedentism and a high level of resource extraction (whether by complex foraging or farming) led to concepts of property tat were rare in previous foraging societies. Graves, grave goods, permanent housing, grain-processing equipment, as well as the fields and herds, connected people to places. The human mark on the environment was larger and more obvious following sedentization and the rise of farming; people transformed the landscape in more dramatic ways–building terraces or walls to hold back floods.

Fertility, Sedentism, and Diet



Top Science News.

RTech News

War News Updates.

In Attawapiskat — Real Life on the Rez

This morning, I sit in the warmth of the living room darkness and nurse a cup of coffee, watching the ribbons of dawn take 0B7hhjXownership of the day. Bright bands of pink, orange, pale yellows, and blues slide out of the horizon, while above the tinted hills to the west the dark sky moves off to sleep. In between these opposite heavens, the off-white separation waits to be filled by the approaching day.


Katha Pollitt Is Trying to Remove the Stigma of Abortion

By any measure, abortion is an extremely common medical procedure. In the US alone, there were over a million abortions in 2011 (the latest year for which figures are available). While the abortion rate is at its lowest level since 1973, it is estimated that three in ten women will terminate a pregnancy before the age of 45, despite opposition in the form of deceptive “crisis pregnancy centers,” legal restrictions that serve no medical purpose, and threats of murder or outright terrorism in some cases.


Dark Roasted Blend: Link Latte 224




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Times Square – The Big Picture

Opinions vary on the transformation of Times Square from seedy to touristy, but the changes seen in the last decade were not the first, nor will they be the last, to the so-called crossroads of the world. Perhaps the tourist-friendly metamorphosis was inevitable given the onslaught: Times Square is arguably the most visited place on the planet. Though counting unticketed crowds must be an inexact science, by most measures the intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street and the surrounding neighborhood is at or near the top of any destinations list. Crowds of half a million or more for popular events are not unheard of, and daily visits to the square run to around a third of a million. Once the heart of New York’s carriage industry, the area has changed with the city, but is always a character itself in the drama of unfolding life in Manhattan. –By Lane Turner


English Class With Mr. Roth

MALVERN, Pa. — DO you want to know what it was like to have Philip Roth as a professor?mMR7ZR8

I’ll tell you.

Let me take you back to the ’70s, when I was an English major at the University of Pennsylvania and Philip Roth came to teach two seminars there, one in creative writing and another in comparative literature. Though I had dreams of being a writer, I lacked the self-confidence to take creative writing, so I signed up for the literature seminar, which was English 275.


A Girl Tries to Understand Why her Boyfriend Can’t Talk to her Anymore: His Reason Will Surprise You!


A Hamatsa shaman, from the Koskimo tribe, possessed by supernatural power after having spent several days in the woods as part of an initiation ritual, Western Canada, 1914

Keith Carter: photography …gallery

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This Implant Could Heal You: Will Drug Companies Suppress It?


Known for its amazing technological advances, such as military robots, DARPA, (Defense Advanced Research Projects) branch of the US DOD (Department of Defense) has taken on a new project.
—Reported by CBS News, the Pentagon has requested that DARPA undertake the development of new technology to be used by the average person. The project is to develop a minute device (small enough, nerve fiber size, to be injected by needle) that can be implanted precisely where needed inside the body to stimulate healing via electrical impulses.

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warning: some pics in this gallery not easy to view


Foo Fighters

Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters on GroovesharkTimes Like These by Foo Fighters on GroovesharkLet It Die by Foo Fighters on Grooveshark

Analysis: Well-trained spy agency adds to strength of Islamic State

Analysis: Well-trained spy agency adds to strength of Islamic State
ISIS parade in Syriah-first-post3
The militants of the Islamic State, who now control large parts of Syria and Iraq, boast a well-trained and agile intelligence apparatus that is partly responsible for the group’s continuing expansion and strength. Sources on the ground in Iraq report that many of the intelligence officers that staff the Islamic State’s spy agency are former employees of the Syrian and Iraqi governments. They were trained by either Russian or American spies during their government service, and are now lending their advanced intelligence skills to the Islamic State.

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Tell All the Truth But Tell It Slant: Three Documentaries On Information Freedom

“All journalism is a form of activism,” Glenn Greenwald recently told Bill Keller, the former managing editor of The New York Times. Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 10.58.56 AM“Every journalistic choice necessarily embraces highly subjective assumptions—cultural, political or nationalistic—and serves the interests of one faction or another.”
—Greenwald’s point isn’t that partisan journalism is superior to non-partisan journalism—that Fox News and MSNBC are more honest and responsible than the Times because at least they state their biases. His point is a more nuanced one about what exactly “objectivity” is, and the subtle ways in which opinions get expressed even when being suppressed within an institutional, “objective” voice.
—In discussions of politically-charged subject matter, even simple word choice can represent an opinion. Do we talk about ‘torture’ or ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’? Are the Israeli homes in the West Bank ‘settlements’ or ‘a military occupation’? Do we best describe Edward Snowden as ‘whistleblower,’ ‘spy,’ or simply ‘former N.S.A. contractor’? What happens when a reporter comes to believe, as a result of his research and expertise, that ‘torture’ is the correct word?

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Big City, Big Surprise: New York City’s Newest Species Is a Frog

The amphibian stayed hidden in plain sight for decades, only to be discovered on Staten Island

via READ.

Quantum weirdness is everywhere in life

Weird quantum effects are so delicate it seems they could only happen in a lab. How can life on earth depend on them?

The n5j8KLqpoint of the most famous thought-experiment in quantum physics is that the quantum world is different from our familiar one. Imagine, suggested the Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger, that we seal a cat inside a box. The cat’s fate is linked to the quantum world through a poison that will be released only if a single radioactive atom decays. Quantum mechanics says that the atom must exist in a peculiar state called ‘superposition’ until it is observed, a state in which it has both decayed and not decayed. Furthermore, because the cat’s survival depends on what the atom does, it would appear that the cat must also exist as a superposition of a live and a dead cat until somebody opens the box and observes it. After all, the cat’s life depends on the state of the atom, and the state of the atom has not yet been decided.


FBI demands new powers to hack into computers and carry out surveillance

Agency requests rule change but civil liberties groups say ‘extremely invasive’ technique amounts to unconstitutional power grab

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Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk By Sleeping With Lots Of Women – But Not Men

Men who have had sex with more than 20 women have a 28% lower risk of getting prostate cancer than those who have had only one partner – but males having more than 20 male partners face a 100% higher risk of getting prostate cancer than those who have never slept with a man.
—The results were obtained as part of the Montreal study PROtEuS (Prostate Cancer&Environment Study), in which 3,208 men responded to a questionnaire on, amongst other things, their sex lives. Of these men, 1,590 were diagnosed with prostate cancer between September 2005 and August 2009, while 1,618 men were part of the control group.
—Risk Associated with Number of Partners
—Overall, men with prostate cancer were twice as likely as others to have a relative with cancer. However, evidence suggests that the number of sexual partners affects the development of the cancer. Consequently, men who said they had never had sexual intercourse were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who said they had.

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A guide to consensual BDSM sex: If you’re doing it right, it isn’t a buzz-kill –

The accusations of abuse against Jian Ghomeshi, and the reaction to them, show how misinformed we are about kink

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Walker Pickering: Esprit de Corps takes a look behind the scenes of marching bands (PHOTOS).


Ignorance is bliss – Homeless man sleeps outside a diner in Milwaukee.

October 1939. “Boys from Dead Ox Flat waiting for the school bus in the morning. Malheur County, Oregon.” So who is this lady with the camera? Medium format negative by Dorothea Lange for the Resettlement Administration… vias.

San Francisco Giants pitcher Juan Marichal hits Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro twice over the head with his bat during the 3rd innings of the match at Candlestick Park. San Francisco, California. August 22,1965.

Quiz: The Great War by the numbers | World War I

The names of 600,000 soldiers from allied nations, are seen engraved in alphabetical order, without description of nationality, rank or religion, at the international memorial for fallen soldiers from the battlefields of the French Flanders and Artois (1914 -1918) at Our Lady of Lorette memorial (Notre-Dame-de-Lorette) also known as Ablain St.-Nazaire French Military Cemetery, the world’s largest French military cemetery, in Ablain-Saint Nazair.. One hundred years after the beginning of the Great War, the international memorial which is a 345 meter long ellipse, honors the fallen as a symbol of unity and eternity. In total, the cemetery and ossuary hold the remains of more than 40,000 soldiers, as well as the ashes of many concentration camp victims.


There are a lot of jobs associated with cooking and heating with firewood, but the real work is in the chopping. These two children are doing that chore in the picture. given the angle he is coming down on the log, it looks like he is splitting it, perhaps making some kindling. The picture is from Oklahoma in 1939…. VIA.



Dehumanisation is a human universal

The essence of evil

You don’t have to be a monster or a madman NNuuOH8to dehumanise others. You just have to be an ordinary human being

A Polaroid of an unaccompanied child following the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Such images were displayed on bulletin boards at NGOs. Photo by Jenny Matthews/Panos
—In March 1945, Leatherneck Magazine, an official organ of the United States Marine Corps, published a brief, ostensibly humorous article describing a parasite named Louseous Japanicas. It included an illustration of a grotesque creature with stereotypically Japanese features. The accompanying text tells us that:
To the Marine Corps, especially trained in combating this type of pestilence, was assigned the gigantic task of extermination… Flame throwers, mortars, grenades and bayonets have proven to be an effective remedy. But before a complete cure may be effected the origin of the plague, the breeding grounds around the Tokyo area, must be completely annihilated.

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“Vampire Grave” in Bulgaria Holds a Skeleton With a Stake Through Its Heart

The skeleton likely fell victim to vampire hysteria that gripped Eastern Europe until relatively recentlyfkFcB6H
—Archeologists in Bulgaria haved uncovered a 13th century staked “vampire” at Perperikon, an ancient Thracian site in the south of the country, Archaeology reports. The remains once belonged to a man who was likely in his 40s. An iron rod had been hammered through his chest “to keep the corpse from rising from the dead and disturbing the living,” Archaeology continues, and his left leg had also been removed and placed beside the corpse.
—Clearly, this man’s neighbors did not trust his remains to stay put. As Nikolai Ovcharov, the archeologist in charge of the dig, told the Telegraph: “We have no doubts that once again we’re seeing an anti-vampire ritual being carried out.” At the time of the man’s death, vampires were perceived as a real threat in many Eastern European communities. People who died unusually—from suicide, for example—were sometimes staked to prevent them from coming back from the dead, the Telegraph writes.

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