Meet Me at Multnomah: 1918

Multnomah Falls, Oregon, circa 1918. “Kissel military Highway Scout Kar.” The camouflage-painted car last seen here and here patrolling the wilds of the Pacific Northwest…. via.


A Top Science News.

War News Updates.

“Big Brain Gene” Fueled Evolution of Human Intelligence


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Spider Venom Could Be Key For Chronic Pain Relief – Pioneer News


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A mob surrounds and attacks a Sikh man during the 1984 anti-Sikh Riots. India, 1984

60 Rare Photographs Of Bizarre Celebrity Couples

The Dalai Lama and Mr. Rogers


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The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney on Vimeo

A 36-year veteran of America’s Intelligence Community, William Binney resigned from his position as Director for Global Communications Intelligence (COMINT) at the National Security Agency (NSA) and blew the whistle, after discovering that his efforts to protect the privacy and security of Americans were being undermined by those above him in the chain of command
—The NSA data-monitoring program which Binney and his team had developed — codenamed ThinThread — was being aimed not at foreign targets as intended, but at Americans (codenamed as Stellar Wind), was destroying privacy he


Beijing’s Toxic Sky -

In Beijing, awareness of the dangers of the polluted sky is now on the rise, thanks to growing data. China will “declare war on pollution,” Premier Li Keqiang told parliament in an opening address in 2014. A tougher environmental law took effect on January 1, while a new environment minister took charge on Friday. Residents continue to cope in various ways, from wearing filtered masks to keeping children indoors to expressing frustration through art and fashion. Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon recently took the following images, including six before-and-after shots (photos number 2 through 7). We’ve made them interactive, allowing you to click and see the difference between a sunny day in Beijing and a polluted one.


chow down

In this vintage photo from 1983, we see crew members of the HMAS Onslow barbecuing a healthy amount of sausages on top of the submarine while it is still moving! The photo was scanned and posted to reddit by shanbuscus, whose father took the photo. – See more at:


A family welcomes a baby boy, birthed at home – The Big Picture

Home births aren’t for everyone. But for Ashley Bennett, having her second child at home in Medford was an opportunity to be encouraged and supported at a time when she, and many women, feel at their most vulnerable. The birth plan gave Ashleyand her husband, Mike, an array of delivery options, but, as always when it comes to birth, circumstances were unpredictable. The night Ashley went into labor, their toddler, Marin, came down with a fever. And Ashley’s dreams of a water birth — in a giant portable tub — dried up when the new addition to the family, Isaac Douglas Bennett, arrived before the tub was filled. Besides doula Catherine McKeown-Lindsey and midwives Tara Kenny and Audra Karp, the Bennetts allowed Globe photographer Jessica Rinaldi to witness the family’s private moments.


Hunters Find a Frozen 10,000-Year-Old Baby Woolly Rhino | WIRED


The Curiosity Museum with Cocktails, Taxidermy Classes & Cuddly Crawling Chameleons | Messy Nessy Chic


Gorgeous Green Lake in Austria is a Fleeting Underwater Fairy Tale [32 PICS]

Green Lake has been called the “diamond gem” in Austria’s crown due to the natural phenomenon that occurs every spring when the snow melts off the surrounding rugged mountains and park benches, flowers, footbridges, trees and walking paths disappear under water. The very cold but crystal clear water becomes a hot spot for divers who want to experience the exquisite and otherworldly scene. [32 Photos, 3 Videos]


The spiral staircase on the Taihang Mountains is 91 meters high.

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy: Pete Seeger |


Levashovskoe Memorial Cemetery in St. Petersburg

This particular cemetery is unlike most cemeteries in the world. For over 50 years it was shrouded in complete secrecy by the KGB and its predecessor the NKVD, as it was the burial site for around 45,000 victims of Stalin’s political repression, shot without trial in the years 1937-1954. Many of them were slaughtered on ethnic grounds as members of groups accused of “aiding German fascism”: Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Finns and Estonians. Now the victims of these atrocities are commemorated with several memorial monuments.


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Romania: Merry Cemetery Sapan

The Happy Cemetery of Sapan has Marmatie funeral wooden tombs, painted in bright colors.



The mysterious (and cool) science of icicles


Stunning Ice Formations on Lake Superior Ice Cave | Amusing Planet

On the shores of Lake Superior on Bayfield Peninsula, in Wisconsin, the United States, is a popular winter attraction – the Bayfield Ice Caves. The caves were formed millions of years ago by the action of glaciers and waves that sculpted the sandstone into amazing cliffs towering over Lake Superior. During summer, the caves are inaccessible and can be viewed only from the water. But when the lake freezes in the winter, visitors can walk over the frozen lake surface and access one of northern Wisconsin’s most stunning natural formations. Inside the caves, the water dripping from the ceiling freezes into thousands of icicles, while the entrances become framed by frozen waterfalls that extend to the top of the cliff. These ice formations take a variety of shapes that changes from chamber to chamber and from day to day. This is why many people make an annual visit to the Bayfield ice caves to see the latest exhibits on display.


My Reunion with Christiane F.

An early photographer of American punk rock, Brad Elterman captured many of the greatest musicians of the 70s and 80s at the height of their beauty and talent. Le Reve is a column that follows the photographer on his continuing adventures. Brad has been living the dream for decades, and he still takes photographs every day and stocks the swimming pool at his Bel Air home, Villa Le Reve, with beautiful women, artists, fashionistas, and cultural luminaries. In this installment of Le Reve, Brad reconnects with the mysterious and reclusive Christiane F. for the first time since 1981.


Globe photos of the month, February 2015 – The Big Picture

A screech owl was treated at the New England Wildlife Center in Weymouth for a wing fractured in Abington during a snowstorm. (John Tlumacki/Globe Staff)

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Globe photos of the month, February 2015 —the big picture


15 Breathtaking Fashion Shots by Gosta Peterson in the 1960s


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The East India Company: The original corporate raiders

For a century, the East India Company conquered, subjugated and plundered vast tracts of south Asia. The lessons of its brutal reign have never been more relevant


“It’s the Blackness that scares everybody”: Why white people favor “African-Americans” –

The word “Black” can be disruptive, disarming and political. Here’s what it really means when I choose to use it


Ériver Hijano photographs the Dry Lakes Racers Australia’s Speed Week. 


Travels with My Censor [visiting China]


Today’s picture shows a clothing store in Anchorage, Alaska. The picture was taken around 1900. The owner proprietor is standing out front. Certainly looks like he claims low prices, but I wonder if there were really any good deals…. @.

The public life and private doubts of Al Sharpton


Why Can’t Some People See Magic Eye Pictures? | Mental Floss


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Lost City Discovered in the Honduran Rain Forest


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Hugh Masekela – Home Is Where The Music Is (1972)


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Photographer Captures Images Of Models Drenched In Honey

Photographers usually have a theme in mind for every shoot, from sexy to scary to classical, and in the case of this Blake Little shoot the theme is clearly something very, very sticky.


10 tunes…. Bob Marley & The Wailers -


TAKFIRINOMICS: How ISIS funds its caliphate


Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious

Researchers have data crunched 2,500 recipes and found the secret to their success.