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13 Things I Found on the Internet Today

1. Comic Strip Artists Drawing Blindfolded, 1947



Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Invade ‘Family Guy’


DNA and Dating: Buyer Beware

128px-Emoji_u1f4b0.svg_Last week’s post dealt with three very serious types of DNA tests. But not all DNA tests detect health-threatening conditions.
—A few years ago “Born to Run? Little Ones Get Test for Sports Gene” ran on the front page of the New York Times, above an arresting image of a preschooler having his mouth swabbed for DNA. It’s from 2008, but remains a classic: I still assign it.800px-FPYC_Soccer_-_02-150x150
—800px-FPYC_Soccer_-_02The sports gene company tested for variants of one gene, ACTN3. Two copies of the R577X variant indicate inborn skill at endurance events, and no copies suggest a child stick to sprints. The lucky heterozygotes might excel at both! Never mind that a child has some 20,000 or so other genes affecting physiology.

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A few weeks ago I made dinner. I didn’t make anything special. I made vegetables and rice, and I also made two small fig galettes. Cutting up the vegetables took hours and pieces of them kept falling on the floor. The garbage can had been put outside because of an ant problem, so over the course of an hour I probably walked about a mile and a half throwing out vegetable scraps.


A Private Tour of the CIA’s Incredible Museum

Inside the agency’s headquarters is a museum filled with relics from half a century of cloak-and-dagger exploits

A chill wind whipped off the Warnow as a retired railroad worker shuffled through the streets of the port city of Rostock one winter night in 1956. He wore the drab clothes typical of East German residents. But when a second man appeared from the shadows, the elderly German revealed that he was wearing a pair of distinctive gold cuff links embossed with the helmet of the Greek goddess Athena and a small sword.
—The second man wore an identical pair. Wordlessly, he handed the German a package of documents and retreated back into the shadows. The German caught a train for East Berlin, where he handed the package and the cuff links to a CIA courier. The courier smuggled them to the agency’s base in West Berlin—to George Kisevalter, who was on his way to becoming a legendary CIA case officer.




Lying Eyes by Henry Threadgill's Zooid on GroovesharkA Day Off [320 kbps] by Henry Threadgill's Zooid on GroovesharkLet's All Go Down to the Foot Wash by Henry Threadgill on Grooveshark

The Natural World: September | Photos | The Big Picture

The Natural World is a monthly post that showcases photography depicting animals (sometimes in man-made habitats) and environments across the planet. –Leanne Burden Seidel (32 photos total)

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The Climate Future of Greenland’s Ice Sheet Looks Worse Than Previously Thought

The Greenland Ice Sheet occupies some 1,710,000 square kilometres of territory, almost the entire surface of Greenland itself. This makes it the second-largest ice sheet in the world, behind Antarctica. At points, the sheet’s surface is a full two kilometers above the actual land surface below, and that surface has remained fairly mysterious until recently.


Edourd Baldus: photorasphy gallery

edourd baldus: life and works

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Hong Kong Protesters Are Using This Off-The-Grid Chat App To Circumvent Censorship


nitty gritthy dirt band [many tunes at link]



Adolf Hitler informs Czech President Emil Hácha of the imminent German invasion of Czechoslovakia on March 15, 1939 in Berlin. Hácha suffered a heart attack during the meeting, and had to be kept awake by medical staff, eventually giving in and accepting Hitler’s surrender terms
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So You’re Not a Physicist … – NYTimes.com

WHEN President Obama was asked, in 2012, to explain his caution in approaching advisers for guidance, YSPIWirhe replied by invoking an idea from quantum physics. “It’s the Heisenberg principle,” he said. “Me asking the question changes the answer.”
—In 2011, when Lady Gaga spoke of the fragility of memory in her video “Marry the Night: The Prelude Pathétique,” she cited the same science. “Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum physics,” she said. “They can be lost forever.”
—In the 2010 young adult novel “Will Grayson, Will Grayson,” the two protagonists allude frequently to Schrödinger’s cat, a classic paradox in quantum physics, as a way of talking indirectly about a range of teenage conflicts: mixed feelings, conflicting identities and unexpressed passions.
—These are hardly isolated incidents. When quantum physics started emerging, around 1900, its concepts and imagery were not well known, let alone understood, outside the scientific community. But today the culture is awash in references to quantum leaps, parallel worlds and the uncertainty principle. “Quantum” has been used to brand commodities like cruise ships, dishwashing soap and wellness programs.

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Homeless Guy Survives In NYC By Picking Up Women Every Night



Newsies at Skeeter’s Branch, St. Louis, Missouri, 1910 by Lewis Hine


Derek Jeter plays last game at Yankee Stadium


The Reconfigured Utopia

15658.utopia1Mecca: The Sacred City
–I heard Mecca calling one morning in September 2010. I was performing my usual rituals of drinking coffee and reading The Guardian. As I turned the pages of the newspaper, I came across a full-page advertisement. ‘Live a few steps away from the holy heart of the universe,’ it said, underneath a large photograph of the Sacred Mosque. ‘When you look for residence in Makkah, the first thing you seek is how close you’ll be to the holy mosque,’ the advertisement said, inviting the reader to buy a property at the ‘Emaar Residences at the Fairmont Makkah’.
—These residences are located within the Royal Makkah Clock Tower, which at 1,972 feet is the world’s second-tallest building after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. It is part of a mammoth development of skyscrapers and includes shopping malls devoted to luxury goods and seven-star hotels catering exclusively to the obscenely rich. The Clock Tower, as the photograph accompanying the advertisement made clear, dwarfs the Kaaba and soars above the Sacred Mosque. The skyline above the =Sacred Mosque is no longer dominated by the rugged outline of encircling mountains. It is surrounded by the brutalism of hideously ugly rectangular steel and concrete buildings, built with the proceeds of enormous oil wealth that showcase the Saudi vision for Mecca. They look like downtown office blocks in any mid-American city. The advertisement invites you not to live ‘a few steps’ from the Sacred Mosque but to live over and above it.

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Even the Great Wall of China has to end somewhere. Here is where

Noah’s Ark for Fruits, Nuts and Grapes

Seen from the air, the USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Tree Fruit, Nut Crops and Grapes is a tidy, unremarkable, dC8Rz9Yroughly 70-acre patchwork of varying shades of green and brown. From the ground, it’s a lush, hot, endless expanse of tangled vineyards and sun-blasted groves, alive with chirping birds and buzzing.

It contains two each of hundreds of species that are or have been relevant to California’s agriculture — as well as those crops’ wild ancestors — and has been called a bank, a backup, a living history, an ark. As climate change increasingly wipes out the fruits and nuts we eat today, this place, says Dylan Burge, a botany curator at the California Academy of Sciences, is where we’ll turn for help.


Beyond GMOs: The Rise of Synthetic Biology

Genetically modified organisms today usually have just one engineered gene. Scientists now want to create organisms with whole new p4N6Vflgene clusters.
—Thousands of researchers will descend on Boston this fall for an event billed as the world’s largest gathering of synthetic biologists. The field is evolving so rapidly that even scientists working in it don’t agree on a definition, but at its core synthetic biology involves bringing engineering principles to biotechnology. It’s an approach meant, ultimately, to make it easier for scientists to design, test, and build living parts and systems—even entire genomes.
—If genetic sequencing is about reading DNA, and genetic engineering as we know it is about copying, cutting and pasting it, synthetic biology is about writing and programming new DNA with two main goals: create genetic machines from scratch and gain new insights about how life works.
—In Boston, scientists and students will showcase so called “synbio” projects developed over the summer, including systems ranging from new takes on natural wonders, like the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to a useful form (nitrogen fixation), to newly imagined functions, like an odorless E. coli cell meant to crank out a lemony, edible “wonder protein” containing essential amino acids.

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The Pier of Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Old Orchard Beach is a seven-mile stretch of beach located on the inner side of Saco Bay on the Atlantic Ocean, in Maine, the US. It is a popular beach destination known for its sandy beaches and carnival like atmosphere. The town takes it’s name from an old apple orchard which had been planted by it’s first settler, Thomas Rogers, who had come from Salem, Massachusetts in 1653. Rogers had named his orchard “The Garden By The Sea”. In 1675, Rogers’ family fled to Kittery after Indians attacked and burned his home, but his orchard survived for over 150 years, and was used as a landmark by sailors navigating the coast.
—Old Orchard Beach first became a tourist destination in 1842, when a rail line brought passengers to the town from Portland. In 1853, the Grand Trunk Railroad connected Old Orchard Beach to Montreal encouraging Canadians to visit the beach. By 1873 the Boston & Maine Railroad arrived in town, carrying passengers from Boston, New York and beyond.


George Metesky, known as the “Mad Bomber”, peers through the bars of his cell at the Waterbury, Conn., Police Station. From 1940 Metesky terrorized New York City by planting pipe bombs in public areas until his arrest 16 years later in January 1957.

Eula Biss Wants Us to Rethink Vaccines

In early 2008, an unvaccinated seven-year-old boy returned to San Diego from OpRJfzWa trip to Switzerland with his family. A week later, he developed a fever and a sore throat, followed by a rash. The boy was eventually given a diagnosis of measles, but only after he had infected five children at his school and four others in his pediatrician’s waiting room, three of whom were under the age of one. The case provides vivid evidence of how unimmunized kids can cause harm, and is a touchstone for Eula Biss’s book “On Immunity,” which explores the deep roots of vaccine anxiety.


The Man Who Turned Cannonball Dives into a Sport



Building an Ark for the Anthropocene

WE are barreling into the Anthropocene, the sixth mass extinction in the history of the dTgOPIBplanet. A recent study published in the journal Science concluded that the world’s species are disappearing as much as 1,000 times faster than the rate at which species naturally go extinct. It’s a one-two punch — on top of the ecosystems we’ve broken, extreme weather from a changing climate causes even more damage. By 2100, researchers say, one-third to one-half of all Earth’s species could be wiped out.


Gifographics |

a combo of gifs plus infograhics!

hat are gifographics?

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Best Longreads, Sept. 15-21, 2014

From the exile of a former president in Williamsburg to the return of Wonder Woman, The Daily Beast picks the best journalism from around the web this week.

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vintage everyday: Faking street hazards for safety manuals, 1931

This series of photographs by the Automobile Club of Southern California attempts to demonstrate the danger which children playing in streets pose to drivers and to remind them to stay alert when behind the wheel. The images were all taken in the Wilshire Boulevard and McCadden Place area of Los Angeles.

This series of photographs by the Automobile Club of Southern California attempts to demonstrate the danger which children playing in streets pose to drivers and to remind them to stay alert when behind the wheel. The images were all taken in the Wilshire Boulevard and McCadden Place area of Los Angeles.”>


These National Geographic Photo Contest entries are preternaturally gorgeous – slide show


Egon Schiele

Two Little Girls 1911…viα.

Olivier Ramonteu: Alter Ego is an intentionally confusing and eerie look at doppelgangers (PHOTOS).


Interesting Vintage Photographs of Netherlands, ca. 1900-1920


A Defining Question in an iPhone Age: Live for the Moment or Record It?


Approach With Caution: 1919

San Francisco City Hall circa 1919. “Peerless truck.” Three young ladies aboard what seems to be some sort of street-cleaning, finger-ripping machine. Hide your children and stand clear!

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The Incredible Spider That Lives Its Entire Life Underwater


Today’s picture shows a traffic policeman aiding some women in crossing the street. The picture was taken in 1911, and traffic in congested cities was managed by policeman such as this one. I love the fancy clothes the women are wearing.

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Code talkers

talkers people obscure languages means secret communication during wartime. usually associated United ChoctawCodersStates soldiers during world their knowledge Native-American languages basis transmit coded messages. particular there approximately 400-500 Native Americans United States Marine Corps whose primary transmission secret tactical messages. talkers transmitted these messages military telephone radio communications using formal informally developed codes built their native languages. Their service improved communications terms speed encryption front operations during World War II.

talkers strongly associated bilingual Navajo speakers specially recruited during World Marines serve their standard communications units Pacific Theater. talking, however, pioneered Choctaw Indians serving during World These soldiers referred Choctaw talkers.


Vintage Black Glamour – in pictures

Actor Dorothy Dandridge photographed at home in 1954.

The history of film and music often omits the role played by women of colour. But a glossy new book redresses the balance.

Vintage Black Glamour is published by Rocket 88 Books on 14 October


Virginia Beach | A range of emotions at the International Sandsculpting Championship

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How to be genuinely yourself when always online

The End of Absence: Reclaiming what we’ve lost in a world of constant connection by Michael Harris…Published by: HarperCollins Price: $26.95 The Glass Cage: Automation and us by Nicholas Carr…Published by: W. W. Norton Price: $26.95
Don’t lose yourself in a digital world (Image: Patrick Zachmann/Magnum Photos)
If you want to be free in a digital age, must you switch off your computer, ask two new books, The End of Absence and The Glass Cage
WHAT is it like to be alive at the moment? How is our sense of self changed by what we experience? Can we even say there is such a thing as an indelible self of the kind envisioned by psychoanalyst Carl Jung? And, if so, what impact does technology have on it?


Ken Heyman, Greenwich Village, 1980, 2009.93.23

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I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter: Fats Waller |