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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 24, 2022 @ 1:58 pm

    Eh, nonsense. The authors of this work are, historically, following a demographic that did nothing but shrink for a century before being forcibly resurrected and restored into public prominence by Empire Academia as a hategoat-scapegoat incubator for the emergence of the fauxLiberal shock troops they bartered on the political landscape to further their own ambitions.

    The Klan isn’t the only socio-political force that has gone through several rather different iterations across recent history. So have those who oppose them.

    When the original Liberals organized in the early 60’s there was a legitimate need for a political force to counter the fourth generation and dying remnants of the slave holding south, those descended from those who had never been wealthy enough to own slaves, those whose resentment that their family never achieved the clout to own a slave expressing that resentment in viscous and petty racial discrimination at any chance.

    But, regardless of the social risks of recreating them they had to have them… the fauxLiberal justify their identity, both public political and in large degree personal private, on the idea there are massive numbers of oppressed people in need of them riding to the rescue. A noble enough ambition, until common sense points out that should such a group actually succeed to any degree in legitimate cause, as did the original iteration of the American Liberal, then the only option available to maintain the organization, the survival of the collective entity if you will, is for that entity to manufacture some degree of misery sufficient to replace what was lost to their prior success!

    The fauxLiberal are my adversary, but they are also the recipient of the surviving Liberal compassion in my soul. They are a fully controlled demographic, limited from above by guilt… usually eco-guilt… for any accomplishment of their own effort and then motivated from below by the hero-martyr syndrome so well known to studies of psychology. Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology didn’t take any chances with their control circuitry, they used old thought time tested and well proven. That’s how they raised them, how they educated them, how they were indoctrinated. I can’t really blame them. They may be my adversary in terms of numbers, but it is the Empire who is my enemy.

    The question now hanging is did those whose publicity resurrected the hard core supremacists give any thought for how they were going to dismantle said groups now that their publicity has caused a multitude of other controversial social issues to be hung (by groups quite unaffiliated with the original crew of social necromancers) on the now fully slandered title of “white”? Not likely.

    Oh, well. They didn’t learn a thing from Jurassic Park. Not from the movie, not from the book. Only an arrogant fool will resurrect the King of the Dinosaurs and then expect to keep him contained to a child’s playpen.