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  1. Fred Thornton
    September 10, 2022 @ 10:00 pm

    Pot oh pot what blackness yours to steal the dark from night and frighten children from their bed with tales of kettle’s might… yup. Pots and kettles have a long history between them of finger pointing and mutually asinine denunciations (hey, that works… the good old cold war MAD thing updated for modern politics).

    To my read of this piece The Guardian, for all of their fine journalism in most matters, is sounding like they’re sucking on some very sour grapes. Not to mention being more than a bit short sighted, unless of course it’s a false flag of a complaint. IF CNN should hire themselves several legitimately preservative going on conservative folks the obvious intent would be to up their sagging ratings by bringing curious moderately conservative folks within range of whatever other megaLib presentations the network might concoct.

    Hmmm… just a curiosity, but one worth watching. IF the fauxLiberal (CNN, backed up by The Gaurdian flying wing for their announcement) are feeling the need to attempt a bait and switch on their own with rumors of conTarded on-air personalities then there’s likely more afoot than shows to the surface. Guess I better pony up the coins and get my PCTi robes ransomed from the dry cleaners. There may be some serious theory work in the wings, gotta dress the part.