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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 23, 2022 @ 1:32 am

    Hmmm… “China is not our Enemy” is almost a true statement. Were it not for the fact that the ally of one’s enemy is of necessity an enemy as well it would be true. And no, please. I’m not talking some cold war pride and prejudice about communism and Russia, not hardly. What I’m talking about is that for the last twenty some years China has been what the Corporate Neo-Fascist had hoped to make of the United States: a wholly owned subsidiary of their organization providing said organization with a sovereign sanctuary and a military to represent their global ambitions on a global stage.

    The United States would have served them better, but the wisdom of the founding fathers defeated their coup by media manipulation attempt at the turn of the century. Had the CNF succeeded in that attempt most likely no one would have even noticed them taking control, they’d have just blended their agendas into the post WW2 interventionism that caused so much grief and the remainder of the world would not even have had to change villains… they could have just continued cussing Americans fully blind as to the driving cause of the injustices. But, it didn’t work out that way for them so they had to go to plan B… corrupt another nation to serve their needs.

    Pretty sure the reason they picked China was because China was already in play in their schemes, but not as their prime operational agent. As a prime operation agent China is a weak choice, the Chinese haven’t made a habit out of interfering much beyond their own borders for quite a while and changing their international stance to go political pro-active on the big scale might attract attention. Not the best choice, but a risk the CNF had to take, they missed their grab for The United States.

    No. They were already involved with corrupting China because China had no equivalent of Environmental Protection Agency, they could export the worlds dirtiest work to China and triple their profit margins on the savings realized running cheap and dirty with the resulting pollution landing on an innocent and unprotected people whose effectively slave labor was being bartered on the world market as political leverage.

    That part pretty well worked, solar panels have gotten dirt cheap compared to what they cost when manufactured clean and green, and hey… no one is going to connect the SARS/COVID pandemics to the known mutagenic chemical pollution of that manufacturing being run down and dirty. Nah. That won’t happen. Most folks don’t even know what the word mutagenic means, much less how many chems used in heavy industry fall into that category, and even those that do aren’t likely to even try and imagine what kind of devil’s brew was collecting in the bottom of those swamps that produced three major new diseases in twenty years (talk about a one in a gazillion chance if evolution wasn’t being seriously overdriven by pollution!!!)… way to scary for the average ecoFreak to engage with.

    So no, China and the United States don’t need to be enemies. Not if they’ll recognize their common enemy which has no nation, no flag, no military, and is desperate to acquire control of all of the above without revealing themselves lest they be held accountable for their actions.

    Oh, and just a footnote to this rant? Misdirecting public attention onto a legitimate but unrelated focus is one of the finest forms of propaganda, and this article is a fine example of that genre.