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  1. Fred Thornton
    June 21, 2022 @ 10:04 am

    First off, the syndrome is seen more places than just the United States. Let’s keep it real, folks. People are people and their politics don’t do much to change the inner workings of the people involved. And as for why do they do they do what they do, even if what they choose is obviously going against what they say they want? How does that actually work?

    I asked myself that question once upon a time, some time ago… and I’ve been working on an answer to it ever since. Get on your favorite digital music platform and cue up the theme music to that great old TV show “The X-Files.” That is, of course, the appropriate music to accompany another question: “Do You Really Want to Know?” What I’ve found is that the answer is actually stranger and scarier than the irrational things this article lists off that caused the question in the first place.

    Tell your shrink to take a vacation somewhere far, far away, saddle up your Jabberwocky, suspend the safety interlocks on the private holo-deck of your dreams and welcome to the third reality of man. It gets very strange in here very quickly when the full dynamic gets put on display.