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  1. Fred Thornton
    January 4, 2022 @ 3:55 pm

    I will argue only one point: the word war. Wars have uniforms and obectives, This will not be a war, it will be a suicidal meltdown as a result of the ‘Tardation of America. Tardation… a two stage weapon of Covert Cultural Warfare where a set of radical political beliefs are sublimated in as antidote and counterbalance to any of several deliberately installed forms of mental illness. Those who control the antidote control the emotional responses of the afflicted. It has been in play for over two decades now, and the attempt by several mutually incompatible power brokers to use the same tactic on the same population has produced what we are looking at. This will not be a war, not in the conventional sense. Speaking of society as if society were an individual? This is the innevitable nervous breakdown of attemting to live with such contradiction as a foundation.

    Am I the only one who has noticed that this malady, this insanity, has across the globe grown in exact proportion to the internet based technologies that allow the few to tamper with the mental freedom of the many? The internet hit America first, then Europe… and the increase in this form of insanity has followed in lockstep.

    Paper ballots.

    Election reform… white paper only, no PR firms allowed.

    Police the internet technologies to eliminate any and all forms of subliminal influencers.

    And pray to whatever Deity you revere that the percentage of those ‘Tarded, LibTard or Contard of no issue, can hold their sanity and focus their anger on those who deserve it… they who inflicted the tardation in the first place trying for covert control of the minds of others. Many rage against the injustices of Slavery seen 150 years ago… let that rage be focused on those who attempt to install slavery using the chains of impressed mental contradiction.