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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 1, 2021 @ 11:13 am

    Hmmmm… IMO playing a shutdown wouldn’t be the best of tactics. As a matter of fact it would probably be a lousy tactic if your intent was to stymie the comply or die heavy handedness of President Joe’s mandate efforts. Link the mandate issue to a government shut down and when the shutdown (inevitably and in short order) is over the resistance against the mandates dies with it. All things allowed for at this point in time a shutdown campaign sounds more like the fauxLiberal yanking the leash they have on the Con-tard contingent in Congress trying to get them to play into the plot while counting on popping something else dastardly and dire onto the evening news as a fully prepped and staged distraction about the time the foodstamp money runs thin. They are know for pulling such shenanigans.

    If the Conservative going on Contarded had any good sense left they’d counterattack the fauxLiberal gmoHuman campaign by putting forward MASSIVE money bills to retrofit ALL of America’s air handling systems with anti-viral UV-C lights… out to and including the extreme of fitting the major city storm drains to become very high capacity controlled airflow systems employing such technology to actually defend the nation from the threat rather than the surrender and survive mentality the fauxLiberal are promoting counting on the surrender elements of that attitude to enhance their options.

    The Preservative-Conservative set should very publicly attack the source of the threat… the bug itself… and show up the fauxLiberal gmoHuman thing for what it really is… an effort to put just one more addiction (yes, I am talking about all those “booster shots” they’re starting to recommend) going in service to reinforce the fauxLiberal’s efforts to destroy freedom where freedom begins… between the ears of the electorate.