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  1. Sage in the Brush
    October 14, 2021 @ 12:33 pm

    “All great truths begin as blasphemies” — George Bernard Shaw.

    Scripture says that in end times, people will create new narratives to better suit them. The problem with that is, humans have been doing that all along. I think that the religions today, including the ancient indigenous spiritualism, contain jumbled shards of truth that go back millennia. Somewhere way, way back at the dawn of humanity some truths were seeded. Unfortunately humans have added their own crap to those truths and it evolved into a jumbled mess of nonsense, to gain control of the ignorant and superstitious. So you got your Mormon magic underwear and promises to be able to populate your own planet!
    Woman was central in Paganism, but the Catholic church took care of that and edited her out of scripture and gave her the role of Virgin instead of the succulent fruit of life that she is. They turned Magdalene into a whore and firmly established a ruling Patriarchy, commanding women to “submit !”. IF this Jesus was real, and IF He came to experience humanity in every way, that means that he wanted a woman, and that he experienced the loss of a woman. There are narratives that say that Magdalene was his wife and greatest groupie.THEN, you have Jewish history. Their God was a litigious God. Lots of hoops to jump through. Many a non Jew, likes the Law God, because they use the laws to club down their fellow man. Many a Christian forgets about Grace and drift back into Old Testament judgment. Easier to judge and follow laws than it is to love your fellow poor bastards. Now we have American Christianity that says who needs God? I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and if my neighbor offends me or takes my stuff, I will shoot his ass and send him to hell. The good old, “I love Jesus, but fuck anyone who doesn’t believe like me” American Christianity….that goes all the way back to the Crusades. It’s a bloody religion.

    Deep, deep in our dna there are truths. Us spiritual beings trapped in biological bags of poo, catch glimpses of mystery amongst the frenzy and chaos of life. Humanity has slapped names on this mystery since the beginning of time to make it THEIR’S exclusively. The Old Testament God said that He is a jealous God, but so are humans. They don’t want anyone else running around with some other god having a good time. Only theirs is the real one…because they say so.

    What if “God” has no name? What if God is every atom in the universe, including us? What if we dissipate back into the universe after our brief romp through the swamp of biology? What if we let others with their religious clubs and stones, keep us from truly enjoying this resort called life? That doesn’t mean that we need to throw stones through church windows or fuck like dogs in the streets, but humanity needs to lighten the fuck up.

    Are we alien seed? Are we holographic projections from another plane? Are we arrogant monkeys? Are we books in the universes library? If an Omnipotent Creator wanted sheep, He’s got them, but what pleasure would that give him/it? Wouldn’t he be more proud to watch his toddlers reach for the stars? We are born and step onto the stage. People boo and applaud us according to how well we conform. Characters come and go. We have to interpret the play before the curtain comes down, because once the curtain is down, it’s over baby! Or is it?