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  1. Fred Thornton
    October 14, 2022 @ 11:39 am

    Race, and ethnicity. Almost as misunderstood as love and friendship. Humans. Go figure. The article asserts that from a scientific point of view Race does not exist. Ok, but to get away with that claim you’ve got to deny psychology being any form of science.

    Race does exist, but it is from the art approaching science of psychology, and I’m talking about psychology at the depth where psychology interfaces with the firmware of both mind and equally with the functionality of the brain in the form of neural imprint and programming. When psychology operates at that depth it is a science, even if very young and still badly overmatched by the complexity of the subject in focus. So no, I stand fully aloof from the statement that race does not exist from a scientific perspective.

    Before those who study Race and Ethnicity from a sociological perspective, from the perspective of the collective entity of mankind, will have any real success they must come to realize that the driving force behind the social injustices, the bigotries and crippling biases, is NOT powered at the social level but rather by a function inherent to the human condition of imagination in command of abstract intelligence.

    My serious work as a philosopher (unpublished, I’m not near finished with my writings) incorporates the framework wherein the answer to this conundrum exists. But, I am over two decades into the thought, far enough into the investigation that I’ll assert the following with high confidence: the driving cause of the problems revolving around Race and Ethnicity ARE NOT a social thing, some matter of dividing US from THEM. No, they are not. That is symptomatic, not source.

    They begin several levels deeper where the problem might be best expressed as asking “How do I know ME… from THEE” at the individual level when the individual is engaging abstract intelligence and imagination to interface with their environment working (think grammatically empowered neural programming) in the universe of that internal third person vision that allows one to imagine seeing themselves as others might see them.

    You know, that mode of though most commonly compromised in those included within what is called the autistic spectrum of humanity. As a sideline argument (just for sport) I’ll assert that if you consider the current society and culture of the United States of America AS IF it were one entity you’d likely conclude that entity was very much on the spectrum, probably somewhere in the Asperger’s region. But, I digress.

    Yea, that’s quite a claim square in the face of all prevailing authority on the subject. But I’ll defend it on demand, and my defense will show how the collective, the social, consequences are derived from the inevitable consequences of that element of the internal architecture of the human critter.