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  1. Fred Thornton
    December 13, 2021 @ 10:22 am

    Four Prong? I only counted two and a half. And the Republicans are, in point of fact, responding and responding well to defend Democracy against the source of those attacks.

    Taking control of the school boards is not an attack on democracy, it is an attack on the headwaters of the problem, the fuaxLiberal indoctrination machine which has two major agendas: a multi-generational effort to debilitate the cognitive abilities of the American people to the point the word “believe” has the same voracity as the word “fact” and (2) allowing Empire Academia’s Kingdom of Psychology (EAKP, for brevity), they who are the fauxLiberal’s ultimate master and commander, unrestricted access to the children in their efforts to establish themselves as the sole provider of socially sanctioned certification of acceptably moral behavior… in essence, the force behind any and every throne wielding the same elitist power once enjoyed by the church and religion.

    I totally support taking the schools away from EAKP’s fauxLiberal, because it isn’t hard at all to establish causal linkages between their fifty year run of influence on the children and the events of Jan 6 (which most assuredly were, and remain, ongoing attacks on Democracy).

    Without the consequences of the deliberate ignorance and emotional imbalances introduced to support the EAKP/fauxLiberal campaign to social dominance the events of Jan 6 could not have been engineered into reality, not by anybody.

    I challenge any and all who might read these words to understand how this travesty, this ultimate betrayal of intent, came to have a place in history. American Democracy is under attack, 21st century fashion. Lady Liberty cannot be defended against a 21st century attack using a mindset, weapons, drawn from a pre-digital 20th century perspective. Face it, America… the fight to defend freedom isn’t going to go down on the beaches of Normandy or the waters off Midway Island, not anymore. It’s going down between YOUR EARS… and the enemy has a fifty year head start on building their forces.