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  1. Sage in the Brush
    October 12, 2021 @ 7:09 pm

    I have meritocracy siblings. They just can’t understand that I can’t buy this or that like they do. They live in a bubble that makes them so anal, that nothing can’t be fixed if you throw some money at it. I chose not to sell my days. I was a freelancer cowboy. They resent the hell out of my free spirit while they were on their treadmill. Yes, they are insulated from life’s discomforts in their gated communities, but as we all get older, they are such angry people. They get some self-righteous pleasure in seeing me have financial bumps now, but boy did I have a lot more fun along the way. The most honestly generous people I ever knew who took me to their bosom, were the ones who had no 401k or carefully manicured lawn tended by hired help.
    There always have been the haves and have nots. Those who have, spend so much energy on keeping what they have. The have nots, know that money comes and goes. They are grateful for the fat moments, but know how to live thin.
    I don’t think that you can ever get the meritocracy folks to really understand the lives lived outside their financial moats. It’s too scary for them. They never have enough to keep themselves “safe”. My final analysis is that I pity people who chase perfection and security. IF it’s so great, why are they so unhappy?!!!