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  1. Fred Thornton
    February 14, 2022 @ 11:12 am

    There is one fact in this issue I just can’t shake, and that is that Donald Trump was a dyed in the wool Democrat for a very long time. There are times (when I’m feeling particularly paranoid and suspicious) I allow myself to wonder if his entire political career was a staged thing intended to give the Democrats an inside track to attack the Republicans. Contrary to the blow and blather it’s really hard to believe anyone could be so transparently stupid by accident. Stupid is what the Democrats want me to believe, which is the best reason there is to NOT believe and look deeper. On the other hand, as a fully plotted and planned thing you couldn’t ask for a better set of circumstances to initiate a full scale investigation of the inner workings, the wear and tear, on American democracy. IF (such a HUGE word!) such is the case then the Democrats stand almost absolved of wrongdoing… such a plot would take decades, and when that plot would have been initiated would correspond with the time frame when the Corporate Neo-Fascist’s were attempting their own coup on The United States using financial treason camouflaged beneath Republican 2%er rhetoric.

    What the whale… there’s only thirteen of ’em, let the jury deliberate. It don’t cost that much to feed ’em, and the dietician at the hospital is in cahoots with the local buffet to make sure they’re getting a balanced diet. Looks like they’re going to be in there long enough that’s getting to be a valid concern, you know?