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  1. Fred Thornton
    January 20, 2022 @ 11:06 pm

    What the Left does not understand about Capitalism is the same thing the Right does not understand about Capitalism. They both need to, and neither would be very likely to admit to that understanding even if they were in possession of it.

    Capitalism, the system of public ownership of society’s major assets by way of “the markets” has several fatal flaws. These are subtle flaws, and yet from the perspective of a society’s health and well being they are as powerful a toxin as leaded drinking water.

    The first problem with Capitalism is that the wealth earned, and deserved, by the superbly competent man is inherited by that man’s children. They, the children, inherit not only the wealth (which is not such a big deal, not really) but also the social and political power that goes with that wealth (which from society’s standpoint is a VERY big deal) without ever proving themselves of superior competence and wisdom in fair and open competition with their fellow man. It is a multi-generational failure of the logic by which Capitalism has been declared beyond question as the most fair and equitable system to complement the concepts of democratic self rule.

    The second major flaw with Capitalism is of an even more subtle and ubiquitous nature than the first, and in many ways even more detrimental to the society. Consider the most iconic element of Capitalism: the publicly owned Corporation.

    What is a Corporation? It is a business endeavor considered one entity in they eyes of the law. What do you call one entity that is owned by another? You call that entity… a SLAVE. The fact that the slave owner is not a singe individual is meaningless in the context of a society, the collective ownership of the slave simply spreads the covert evil of slavery onto a much, much larger percentage of the population than were afflicted by that evil in the days when only the truly wealthy and powerful could afford to own slaves. It is not the injustice endured by the slaves that destroys the society, it is the corruption and reduction of character the act of owning slaves induces into the master class that destroys the society. There is a reason that Western Capitalism is following the same road into oblivion as every other slave holding society of history, and that reason is that it is imbibing the same set of toxins.

    There are ways to negate and eliminate these problems and still keep all the benefits of Capitalism, but until both the Left and the Right have the courage to admit these problems are the headwaters of THEIR (and by inheritance) our problems there’s no point to putting them forward. The most they could do would be make sure and certain your body would never be found.