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  1. Sage in the Brush
    May 28, 2021 @ 11:01 am

    American’s are living miserable lives and blaming everyone but themselves for it. Life is slap and tickle. It slaps your ass when you are born and when you die…and a whole bunch in between. That’s the way it is in the jungle of life. Burning your house down and shooting your co-workers is a sign of an entitled society that feeds on resentment. As an old guy, I would say, tickle is a lot more fun than slap. If you hate your goddamned job, then quit! This last guy burned down his house and collected belongings and murdered other people because he hated where he worked! The ignorant entitled sob slaughtered people because life slapped him. Everyone has to deal with life’s slaps. Find something that tickles you! What a goddamned waste. What an
    Indictment of our sick society.

Watchman, what of the night?